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In this Issue: Sign up to support the Bond to Replace Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific !

  1. Member Voice/Member Driven
  2. Your Health and Safety | COVID Safety Concerns Reporting Form  
  3. September and October Events
  4. District-Sponsored Professional Learning (ELL Endorsement) 

 Additional Information: Update your work location and contact information using this link !

August 29, 2022

Dear  Supporter,

This week Executive Board member Christian Tautua and I began getting around to schools to discuss the importance of passing the bond to replace Evergreen HS, Tyee HS and Pacific MS that will appear on the November 8 ballot.  The good news is, this is a replacement bond and therefore will not impact the local tax rate. 

As I mentioned last week, HEA is working with Yes for Highline! to implement strategies for bond passage.  Please mark your calendar for Saturdays in October (8, 15, 22 and 29) when we will be doorbelling selected households as part of our get-out-the vote effort.  This Monday, August 29, HEA Reps will learn about the phone- and text-banking opportunities needed to reach voters this the fall.  A simple way you can contribute to this effort is sharing pro-bond messages on your social media accounts. 

Finally, while HEA has donated $3000 towards passage of the bond, individual donations are needed in order to fully fund the organizing it takes to pass this measure.  Please use this link to donate. From May through September, my husband and I are matching HEA member donations 1-1 so this is a great time to double your impact (up to $3000).  This week I would like to call out Shaela Connor, Deb Strayer and Joe Weiss for their contributions to the campaign.  As of Wednesday, HEA members had contributed over $500 to the campaign.  Please keep it going!

Please do not delay, support our members and students by signing up here to support the passage of this bond.

Finally, I know there has been a few questions about ways to support our striking colleagues in surrounding districts and across the country.  Please go to their district website and look up their school board member email addresses and write to them stating the need for resources for schools, students, and  teachers to carry out their jobs and to retain good educators.  Reps will learn more at the August meeting on zoom this Monday.

In solidarity!


1. Member Voice/Member Driven

Looking for a way to expand your support of your colleagues and expand your influence in your building, program, the district or even across the state?   Consider the following options to share your passions and ideas with others to get S*** done!

HEA Representative Council.  The list is updated weekly.  If your building or program is still looking for representation or additional representation, consider running for election to the HEA Representative Council. One or more representatives are elected by HEA members to represent every building and program in our district.  Dates for the meetings are listed below, including the upcoming New Rep Training on September 12!

Buildings and programs listed are eligible or more representative  as outlined in the HEA by laws based on membership totals.  See page 7:

  • 1-22 Members (1 rep)
  • 23-37 Members (2 reps)
  • 38-52 Members (3 reps)
  • 53-67 Members (4 reps)
  • 68-82 Members (5 reps)

As an HEA rep, here are a few ways you could be a part of the solution.  

  • Work with your administrators to improve working conditions and address member concerns.  
  • Support members in advocating for themselves in their program in their building(s)
  • Learn more about our CBA language and how to apply it in different situations
  • Provide input to the HEA Executive Board on what labor issues need to be addressed during the course of the school year
  • Lobby our legislators for the state support and funding our students deserve

Not yet sure how much you want to get involved?  Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for a link to the August 29th 4:30-5:30PM HEA Representative Council meeting.  All HEA Members are allowed to attend as observers, (not participants).  

  • Joint Committees- Applications are Open ! 
    • Dual Language Leadership
    • (Secondary) Dual Language Study Committee (NEW)
    • Highline Assessment Team
    • Highline Antiracist, Equity and Race Team
    • Joint Evaluation Team
    • Student Behavior Support Committee
    • Special Education Committee
    • Joint Inclusive Services Team (NEW)
    • WA Kids
    • Operations/COVID Safety
    • L&I Safety
    • Instructional Materials Committee (Sandy Hunt)
  • SY 22-23 Curriculum Adoption Teams (see district website to apply)
    • Secondary Music (continuing)
    • Elementary Science (continuing)
    • Secondary Science (continuing)
    • K-12 Health (may be divided elementary/secondary)
    • 9th grade Biology
    • Secondary (Upper level) Math 

HEA Committees are open! (Use the linked emails below to contact the chair for information on joining.)

2. Your Health and Safety

Shared Leadership Teams (SLT).  Your SLT is charged with structuring the work of committees and teams in your building.

Safety Committees.  Based on Labor and Industry requirements and our MOU, all schools must have a (functioning) Safety Committee.  While buildings no longer have Covid Co-captains, your administrator continues to be in charge of the health and safety in your buildings.  The district has updated and modified the COVID School Site Safety Planning Template to reflect our MOU (see below) and federal and state COVID safety recommendations and requirements.  These are being distributed to site Safety Teams to develop implementation plans and protocols.  Please consider representing our members by serving on your site’s Safety Team.  

Your Health and Safety Concerns.  If you have a concern with Safety Plan implementation or when there is a safety problem at the site, follow these steps:

  • For imminent/emergency safety concerns, notify a building administrator of the problem immediately. Follow up via email if the initial notification was verbal. For many individual problems, the administrator may be able to resolve the problem immediately. 
  • For system problems that are not imminent safety concerns, or if an issue was not immediately resolved through Step A, notify the principal and the HEA building rep via email in order to problem-solve solutions to the issue.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved at the building level, the concern should be escalated to the district level by completing the  “Safety Concern Form”. This link is actively monitored by HR and HSD to resolve member COVID SAFETY issues. Please navigate through Frontline Central to access and complete the link.

COVID Health and Safety.  HEA and HSD bargained a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to address the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on school district operations and related working conditions for the coming year.  This MOU was ratified by HEA members at June’s General Membership Meeting.  As new changes and challenges are identified, HEA and HSD will address them via Labor/Management Problem-Solving meetings, District-level Safety Team meetings, Impact Bargaining, and/or other meeting structures.

3. September and October Events

  • HPS School Board Meetings – September 7 and September 21 at 6PM (In person and on zoom)
  • HEA New Rep Training (Veteran reps are welcome!) – September 12 @4:30 (In person only at Highline High School.  Dinner provided.)
  • HEA Veteran Rep WEA-PAC Training - September 12 @4:30PM (zoom link to follow) 
  • RECN Monthly Meeting – September 15 Register here (third Thursdays@4:30-6:00PM)
  • Marinier Game Night with HEA ! Select from the following: Friday, Sept. 9 and/or Wednesday Sept. 28 @ 6:40PM
  • HSF Brat Trot and first annual Burien Oktoberfest – October 1 
  • HEA/HSD New Contract Language (CBA) Training – October 3 on zoom for HEA Representatives and HSD Administrators.  Details to follow.

HEA/RUC/WEA RA/NEA RA Meetings for SY 2022-23 HEA Business Meetings are open to members except when in Executive Session (email Secretary Veronica Fairchild in order to access zoom links) 

  • HEA Rep Council Meetings dates: 8.29.22 (zoom), 10.3.22 (zoom), 11.7.22 (TBD), 12.5.22 (hold this date for L/M training), 1.9.23, 2.6.23, 3.6.23, 5.8.23, 6.5.23 (location TBD)
  • HEA Executive Board Meeting dates:  10.24.22, 11.28.22, 1.30.23, 3.27.23, 5.22.23, 6.12.23
  • HEA Executive Board Retreats: 9.26.22 (full day) 2.25.23 (full day) (12.12.22, 4.24.23, 6.12.23 4:30-6:30PM)
  • RUC Board Retreat and Meeting dates: 10.7.22-10.9.22 (retreat), 12.1.22, 2.9.23, 6.1.23 (plus Mock RA in late March)
  • WEA RA dates (Spokane): 4.13.23-4.16.23 (includes travel)
  • NEA RA dates (Orlando): Reserve 6.29.23-7.7.23 (includes travel)

Highline School Board News

  • HSD School Board Meetings:  9.7.22, 9.21.22, 10.5.22, 10.18.22, 11.2.22, 11.16.22, 12.7.22, 1.4.23, 1.18.23, 2.1.23, 2.15.23, 3.1.23, 3.15.23, 4.5.23, 4.19.23, 5.3.23, 5.17.23, 6.7.23, 6.21.23
  • Work Study Sessions:  Please watch for on-going announcements of board work study sessions that may be of interest to you, your team, your program, or your school/work site.

4.  District-Sponsored Professional Learning

HSD is once again offering an ELL/Literacy Endorsement program to all Highline teachers through Seattle University with financial support. The program is focused on helping teachers improve instruction and assessment for Multilingual English Language Learners and develop highly effective literacy practices for our Multilingual ELL students. Classes will meet on a synchronous virtual platform twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Those interested in enrolling have 3 steps to complete:

  1. Complete the application using this ELL Endorsement Program Application 2022 Google form by September 9.(Remember that you must be signed into your gmail account to access the form.)
  2. Ask your Principal/APcomplete the Principal Recommendation 2022 form by September 9 .
  3. Attend the mandatory Information Meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. to complete your enrollment and scholarship application paperwork.

Please see the flyer and program calendar below for more information on the specific courses in the endorsement program.  There is an additional opportunity to apply these courses towards a Master's program at Seattle University.  Credits, clockhours, and degrees accumulate to advance you across the columns on our salary schedule.  

2022-2023 HSD DUAL ELL Calendar.pdf

ELL-Literacy Flyer 2022-2023.pdf