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In this Issue: Know Your CBA Rights and Use Them !

  1. Support Student Equity and School Safety
  2. Curriculum Adoptions- applications due Sept 16 (today at 5PM !)
  3. September and October Events 
  4. Know Your CBA: Mitigation for vacant or absent paraproffesionals (in SpEd, K, & Libraries)
  5. Quick Links for  You

September 16, 2022

Dear Supporter,

The first full week of school has come to a close with the many highs (and some lows) of a new school year.  On October 3rd, your HEA Reps will attend a zoom CBA training with your building administrators.  At that training, we will present new CBA language highlights.  Please email Veronica Fairchild if you would like to attend on zoom as an observer. 

Our CBA ungrades were bargained by our team and also reflect the work of the joint committees.  New language is based on the bargaining survey, listening sessions, and the  lived experiences of our members.  If you are interested in "being in the room” representing member voices for these committees, please complete this HEA Survey.  

At the end of the EFocus, you will find the return of our “Know Your Contract” Segment which this week contains information relevant if you are a special education services teacher, kindergarten teacher, or librarian whose paraprofessional support has not been hired (a vacancy) or that fabulous person has been absent over the course of the past two weeks.  Please work with your administrator and HEA Rep (if needed) to get the financial and classroom support you are entitled to during September and whenever that may happen during the year.  

Finally, we continue to look for HEA Reps in a few of our buildings and would love to have everyone on board prior to our October 3rd CBA training with building administration teams.  Please talk with last year’s HEA Rep or email me to start a conversation.  

In solidarity!


1. Support Student Equity and School Safety:

Support the Bond

HEA leadership is asking the reps at each worksite to identify one phone-banking shift to be covered by their site. If every member signs up for ONE 2-hour shift, we will be able to call all our targeted voters in the district.  

These weekly phone banking nights will ensure our members are talking to every education-friendly voter in the district! 

The campaign has an auto-dialer system with preloaded phone numbers to make phone calling effective, fast and easy.  The phone number you will be dialing from is linked back to the campaign.  Your personal phone number will not be used or shared. 

You can phone bank at the HEA office in Tukwila or from your home on your selected date - wherever is easiest and most comfortable for you!  Each shift will start with a short training session that can be done in person or virtually and then we'll start calling!

Once you have completed the training, you will able to work that shift or select whatever shift is convenient for you.  Training times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from Oct. 4 through Nov. 3: 

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM with phone calling from 4 PM - 5:30 PM

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM with phone calling from 5:30 PM - 7 PM

 If you are not in the HEA office - you will need to use a personal device such your smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

2. Last day to apply for a Curriculum Adoption Committee


Applications are due TODAY by 5:00 p.m. 

  • SY 22-23 Curriculum Adoption Teams (see district website to apply)
    • Secondary Music (continuing)
    • Elementary Science (continuing)
    • Secondary Science (continuing)
    • Secondary (Upper level) Math (continuing)
    • K-12 Health (may be divided elementary/secondary) - NEW !
    • 9th grade Biology -  NEW !

3. September and October Events

4. Know Your CBA - Access Your Rights

Special Education teachers, Kindergarten teachers, and Librarians have the contractual right to paraprofessional support. Our 2022-23 LOA clarifies the mitigation that HEA members are entitled to under specific circumstances when that contractual right is not being met. Members in these positions who face a paraprofessional unfilled absence or unfilled position, please work with your administrator and your HEA Rep to ensure that you are accessing the appropriate support.  

Note, that today, the 2-week window has closed for filled but absent paraprofessional positions and certificated staff can begin accessing the mitigation listed below, based on your role.

2022-23 HEA/HSD Letter of Agreement (LOA)

Mitigation Available for Special Education Teachers, Librarians, and Kindergarten Teachers for Programmatic Paraprofessional Vacancies/Extended Unfilled Absences 

The following text has been adapted from the Letter of Agreement on Mitigation Available for Special Education Teachers, Librarians, and Kindergarten Teachers for Programmatic Paraprofessional Vacancies/Extended Unfilled Absences. [Please note that the Highlighting, italics/bold and other reformatting, plus additional notes in red, have been added to aid in understanding.] 

Certificated educators impacted by programmatic paraprofessional vacancies and/or extended absences may submit requests for Extra Service Contracts (ESC) up to the weekly limits below for work actually performed outside the contract day (including on weekends) that was a result of the paraprofessional vacancy/extended absence. Examples of this type of work might include, but are not limited to: altered instructional planning, materials preparation, library collection management or shelving, station set up, etc. It is NOT required that this work take place on site. 

  • Kindergarten Teachers: Up to 7.5 hours per week
  • Librarians (schools up to 450 students): Up to 7.5 hours per week
  • Librarians (schools over 450 students): Up to 10 hours per week
  • Special Education Teachers: Up to 10 hours per week

In the case of a programmatic paraprofessional vacancy, this ESC mitigation is available immediately (i.e., This language applies when no one has been hired to fill the job.)

In the case of an extended programmatic paraprofessional absence, the District will have up to two weeks to attempt to fill the position with a substitute. (i.e., This language applies when the person hired to fill the job is absent with no substitute.)

  • During this two-week period, the building administrator may reorganize to provide some temporary support until a substitute can be arranged. 
  • If such a reorganization is not possible, the building administrator may submit a recommendation to HSD Human Resources to allow the teacher to access mitigation immediately. 

After two weeks of an extended absence, the District must provide mitigation if no substitute has been placed in the position

Certificated Staff Mitigation for Lost Planning Time, “WAC” time, or Duty-Free Lunch due to Paraprofessional Absences of Any Length 

Lost planning time:  HEA and HSD agree that the mitigation available in Section 4.5.B.i also applies to teachers who lose their planning time due to a paraprofessional vacancy/absence in their own classroom or a colleague’s classroom.

Lost “WAC” time: HEA and HSD agree that certificated educators should not lose the non-instructional time before/after the student day due to a paraprofessional absence without first problem-solving with their administrator to develop a plan for mitigation. If the teacher still has Flex hours available, lost WAC time could be credited toward their Flextime balance. If not, the teacher should receive compensation at the Extra Service Rate for the lost WAC time.

Lost Duty-Free Lunch: HEA and HSD agree that certificated staff have a legal and contractual right to a 30-minute duty-free lunch that should be honored in all circumstances except a true emergency. Educators should consult with their administrator in the case of such an emergency, or in the event that the administrator needs to assist with non-emergency coverage to enable the teacher to take a duty-free lunch. In the event missing lunch is unavoidable, the teacher should receive compensation for that lunch period at the Extra Service Rate.

5. Share Your Solidarity by Showing Union Colors Every Week!




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