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In this Issue: Substitute Instruction Guidelines

  1. Support Student Equity and School Safety - Sign up to phonebank here! 
  2. September and October Events 
  3. Know Your CBA: Substitute Plan Expectations (Your Emergency Folder is due Oct 1)
  4. Quick Links to Membership Support including the COVID Safety Concerns Form

September 23, 2022

Dear Supporter,

Many thanks to the 80 member leaders who are representing our members in buildings and programs around the district this school year.  As elected union representatives, they serve an important role in helping problem solve with administration around contract and climate issues.  We continue to need HEA Reps at Bow Lake ES, Cedarhurst ES, Chinook MS, and Choice Academy.  In addition, we could use two reps at Des Moines, North Hill, Parkside, Seahurst and other elementary schools. We would love to have everyone on board prior to our October 3rd CBA training with building administration teams.  Please talk with last year’s HEA Rep or email me to start a conversation.  

On another note, I have been hearing from members wondering about in-building equitable sub coverage plans.  Our CBA (Section 4.5) outlines the specifics for the SLT to complete and includes a deadline of Oct 15 for them to be submitted to HEA leadership for review.  For classroom teachers covering during planning time, the extra service rate of $45.38/hour applies; 30 minutes or less qualifies for a half hour of ESC, and 31-60 minutes qualifies for an hour. If you are substituting and are not a classroom teacher, be sure to connect with your administrator to manage your workload or access an extra service contract for work approved to be completed outside the workday.  We have improved the clarity of expectations around what constitutes minimum support for our substitutes in order to ensure both your guest teachers and your students are having a positive experience in your absence.  Please read those expectations in the Know Your CBA section below.  We are working with TLL, HR and Technology to ensure the district pieces are being put in place for you as quickly as possible.

In solidarity!


1. Support Student Equity and School Safety:

Support the Bond

HEA leadership is asking the reps at each worksite to identify one phone-banking shift to be covered by their site. If every member signs up for ONE 2-hour shift, we will be able to call all our targeted voters in the district. You can also sign up here personally for any date you are available. 

These weekly phone banking nights will ensure our members are talking to every education-friendly voter in the district! 

The campaign has an auto-dialer system with preloaded phone numbers to make phone calling effective, fast and easy.  The phone number you will be dialing from is linked back to the campaign.  Your personal phone number will not be used or shared. 

You can phone bank at the HEA office in Tukwila or from your home on your selected date - wherever is easiest and most comfortable for you!  Each shift will start with a short training session that can be done in person or virtually and then we'll start calling!

Once you have completed the training, you will able to work that shift or select whatever shift is convenient for you.  Training times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from Oct. 4 through Nov. 3. Please sign up here today.

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM with phone calling from 4 PM - 5:30 PM

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM with phone calling from 5:30 PM - 7 PM

 If you are not in the HEA office - you will need to use a personal device such your smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

2. September and October Events

1HSF Brat Trot and first annual Burien Oktoberfest – October 1 at 9AM. $30 registration fee.  LAST CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF FOUR FREE REGISTRATIONS ! Must be an HEA member to win. 

2HEA/HSD New Contract Language (CBA) Training – October 3 @ 4PM on zoom for HEA Representatives and HSD Administrators. This will be followed by a short October Rep Council Meeting @ 5PM. HEA Rep Council meetings are open to all members, (except during Executive Sessions).

3. HPS School Board Meetings September 21 @ 6PM , October 5 @ 6PM, and October 19 @ 6PM (in person & via zoom) 

4RECN Monthly MeetingOctober 20 @4:30PM–  Register here  (third Thursdays @4:30-6:00PM)

5. Proposition 1 Bond Campaign:  Phone calling Highline voters begins October 4, 5, 6 at the HEA Office or in the comfort of your own home.  Auto-dialer ensures your number is not shared with voters.  We encourage all members to sign up for one shift on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between October 4 and November 3.

3. Know Your CBA - Access Your Rights

Guest teachers (whether they are daily guest teachers, long-term replacements, or covering in an emergency) have expressed the need for more information about the students in our classes and the activities that should be carried out in a teacher’s absence.The language below was added to our current CBA to address that need and provide clarity about what should be included in sub plans/sub folders. All staff who require a substitute when absent, should turn in emergency substitute plans/folders by October 1. Watch for specific guidance from your principal. [Please note that any Highlighting, italics/bold and other reformatting, plus additional notes in red, have been added to aid in understanding.] 

Section 14.19. Substitute Plans: Employees requiring substitutes when absent will provide lesson plans, including emergency plans for when absences are unplanned, to maintain instructional continuity and positive learning experiences for students. Daily lesson plans are not required for pre-arranged long-term leaves beyond the first two (2) weeks. The District’s Technology department will work to streamline the process for including key information about students in teacher substitute plans. The District Teaching & Learning department will provide a bank of educational activities, including online activities, which may be accessed by substitutes and teachers filling in for teachers at the last minute. 

A checklist is provided in Appendix F (shared below) as guidance for the minimum types of information that should be included in substitute plans. School leadership teams and/or instructional leadership teams may provide templates or elaborate on the expectation for information included in substitute plans. 

Emergency substitute plans should be reviewed and updated, if necessary, at least once midyear and principals are encouraged to remind employees to do so. 

*NEW* Appendix F: Emergency Sub Folder Checklist (create by October 1, revise by March 1) 

1) From front office: 

a) 2 copies of roster (per period/class) – 1 for attendance, 1 for teacher (sub or in-house) with pictures to keep for the period 

b) Building map 

c) Schoolwide emergency procedures and maps 

2) From elementary classroom certificated staff: 

a) Student emergency medical plans (usually provided by nurse), and students who need medications at school and when 9 

b) Seating chart (with SPED and ML indicators next to names, and if possible, pronunciation of names) 

c) Class systems (i.e., expectations, behavior support, techniques, student jobs, class or schoolwide incentives, etc., or reference if posted in classroom) 

d) BIPs, behavior plans, safety plans (collaborate with case manager or point person for short version) 

e) Emergency activity/option in case lesson plans are not left.

3) From secondary classroom certificated staff: 

a) Student emergency medical plans (usually provided by nurse), and students who need medications at school and when 

b) Seating chart if you have one (with SPED and ML indicators next to names, and if possible, pronunciation of names) 

c) Class expectations (or reference to if posted in classroom) 

d) BIPs, behavior plans, safety plans (collaborate with case manager or point person for short version) 

e) Emergency activity/option in case lesson plans are not left 

4) Other options to consider including: 

a) Student pronouns (if able to share) 

b) Everyday links and to how to access online resources (i.e., Google Classroom codes, Seesaw, websites used, etc.) and/or a printed copy 

c) Buddy room, if you have one 

d) Helpful student(s) 

e) IEP at-a-glance or a sentence about needs of each student with an IEP (collaborate with case manager) 

f) Any push-in services and what time (i.e., LRC cert/para) 

g) Elementary specific - Any students who attend some classes for their General Education time (from a self-contained SPED class) and at what time(s). 

Share Your Solidarity 

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