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In this Issue: Leadership Opportunities & Membership Supports

  1. Support Student Equity and School Safety - Sign up to phonebank here! 
  2. October Events 
  3. Know Your CBA: Substitute Teachers- Access Your Rights!
  4. Quick Links to Membership Support including the COVID Safety Concerns Form

September 30, 2022

Dear Supporter,

Congratulations!  Almost every building and all programs have their HEA Representative(s) elected. Although we are still in need of HEA reps for Bow Lake ES, Cedarhurst ES, Chinook MS, Choice Academy, and Highline Virtual Elementary.  We could also use an additional representation representative at larger sites such as Sylvester and several elementary schools.

Thank you for all the support you are providing each other as displaced and brand-new staff are being hired or assigned to address large class sizes around the district.  Please take a few moments to welcome them, check in with them, and make sure they are aware of who can support them in addition to their team members.  The union has bargained language for a variety of supports to address veteran and new member needs.  

Every building should have a Building Liaison who receives an extra service contract to help those new to a building (transferring or new educators) get practical needs addressed.  Please check with your principal to learn who is filling that role if that is not clear.  In addition, new teachers and ESAs have a Peer Mentor assigned to them who is trained to support their transition into their new professional role.

In addition to their HEA Reps, staffing supports include an IPT Representative/Department Head for academic issues.  While some buildings merge this role with their Shared Leadership Teams (CBA 4.12), all schools should have elected SLT Representatives who address issues related to the management of the building (such as equitable emergency coverage rotations due October 15).  In addition, our jointly bargained Student Behavior Support Team is rolling out behavior supports and working with the district to ensure every school has a MTSS team and PBIS systems in place.  If you are not sure what these teams do, how to access support, and who is on these teams, ask a colleague, building administrator, or your HEA Building Rep for clarification.

In solidarity!


1. Support Student Equity and School Safety:

Support the Proposition 1 Campaign-

Yes for the Bond/Yes for New School Buildings

Use this link to learn more and to sign up to phone bank

You can phone bank at the HEA office in Tukwila or from your home on your selected date - wherever is easiest and most comfortable for you!  Each shift will start with a short training session that can be done in person or virtually and then we'll start calling!

Once you have completed the training, you will able to work that shift or select whatever shift is convenient for you.  Training times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from Oct. 4 through Nov. 3. Please sign up here today.

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM training, with phone calling from 4 PM - 5:30 PM

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM training, with phone calling from 5:30 PM - 7 PM

 If you are not in the HEA office - you will need to use a personal device such your smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

2. October Events

1HSF Brat Trot and first annual Burien Oktoberfest – October 1 at 9AM. $30 registration fee. 

2HEA/HSD New Contract Language (CBA) Training – October 3 @ 4PM on zoom for HEA Representatives and HSD Administrators. This will be followed by a short October Rep Council Meeting @ 5PM. HEA Rep Council meetings are open to all members, (except during Executive Sessions). Contact Veronica Fairchild for zoom link.

3. HPS School Board Meetings October 5 @ 6PM, and October 19 @ 6PM (in person & via zoom) 

4RECN Monthly MeetingOctober 20 @4:30PM–  Register here  (third Thursdays @4:30-6:00PM)

5. Proposition 1 Bond Campaign:  Phone calling Highline voters begins October 4, 5, 6 at the HEA Office or in the comfort of your own home.  Auto-dialer ensures your number is not shared with voters.  We encourage all members to sign up for one shift on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between October 4 and November 3.

3. Know Your CBA - Substitute Teachers Access Your Rights

HEA is one of only a dozen or so local associations where substitute teachers can elect to join and be members.  Daily substitutes pay dues for only the first ninety days that they substitute in the district, and only on the days they are substituting in HSD, ($4.21 daily).  Please welcome substitutes and help them understand and access their contractual rights.  

Here are some of the new and existing contract benefits and protections our substitute teachers enjoy. 

CBA Section 15.5. Substitute Expectations:

A. At the time of employment the District will provide each substitute teacher with a copy of district rules and regulations relative to substitutes. Biannual revisions will be distributed to all substitute teachers.

B. The absent staff member will see that each substitute is provided with a folder when the substitute reaches their assignment for the day. The folder will include class rules, special information on that day's schedule, lessons, and an applicable seating chart. See also Section 14.19 and Appendix F for additional information intended to maintain instructional continuity and provide a positive educational experience for students.

C. The District will offer a minimum of five (5) hours each year of professional development aimed at substitute teachers. Clock hours will be provided free of charge. RSVPs may be required, and classes may be cancelled if there are fewer than five (5) confirmed attendees within two (2) weeks of the scheduled session. Topics will include, but not be limited to, professional development on the use of standard technology components in Highline classrooms, strategies for supporting the social-emotional learning of students, and strategies for maintaining positive classroom environments.

D. Any investigation that might be necessary due to reported concerns and/or the removal of a substitute from the classroom shall be completed in a timely manner. Substitutes will be notified of the complaint and informed of their Weingarten rights. Any actions resulting from an investigation will be communicated promptly to the substitute.

E. The provisions of Article 2 (Association Rights) and Article 7 (Grievance Procedure) shall apply to substitutes.

F. The District will provide each school with laptops for substitute teachers so that they can access the digital tools and activities included in teacher substitute plans.

The following rates are in effect for the 2022-23 school year (Monday-Friday)

A.  Daily Substitute - $200.00

B.  After 40 Nonconsecutive Days - Super Substitute $220.00

C.  Half-Day Rate - half of the daily rate + $6.00

D.  After 20th Day in Long-Term Assignment - *Contractual Rate

Substitutes who (a) work 40 nonconsecutive days in the current school year; (b) work 100 days the previous year and 20 days in the new school year; or (c) are retirees of the Highline School District will be moved to the Row B “Super Substitute” rate.

In addition, when substitutes are asked to use a scheduled planning period to cover a class not part of their originally assigned job, the substitute will be paid for that time at the Extra-Duty Rate identified in Appendix D. 

*The Highline School District pays a contractual rate of pay after the twentieth consecutive day in the same assignment. The contractual rate of pay is taken from the current teacher salary schedule and placement is based upon education and years of experience. Experience verifications from other school districts or educational institutions, along with official transcripts are required in order to calculate placement.


o The newly bargained language is linked here.

o The summary of the highlights is linked here.