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In this Issue: Links to the HEA-HSD Parental Leave Workshop Materials 

  1. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE for Pro-union, Pro-education candidates!
  2. November and December Events 
  3. Know Your CBA: Section 4.5 Equitable Class Coverage
  4. Quick Links to Membership Support including the COVID Safety Concerns Form
  5. NEA Member Benefits: Financial Wellness During a Recession 
  6. Substitute Fill Data Chart
  7. Highline Schools Foundation: Winter Warm Up Fund Raiser - enter to win

October 28, 2022

Dear Supporter,

You should receive your ballot any day now.  No matter where you live and vote, turn out will be key to electing pro-education, pro-union candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.  Use the WEA website to find those candidates. The Progressive Voter Guide also compiles factual information about candidate positions on these issues (link coming).  And if you live in Highline, please Vote YES on Proposition 1 and share information with your neighbors.

On Saturday at 10AM we will meet at the area below the B-Town Dog Park on SW 160th and 4th Ave SW diagonally across from Sylvester Middle School. If you can’t make it to the Burien event, we hope to see you at the Tyee Soccer fields on November 5.  (Details below.)  After a quick tutorial, we will go out to speak to voters who might use the Sylvester track, which is also being rebuilt as part of the bond.  All are welcome!

Know Your CBA, below, lays out the mitigation for different positions when you are asked to cover in the event that a substitute is not provided for an absent teacher.  Mitigation plans were due to HR and ME on October 15.  I am happy to review your building’s plan with your Rep or at a upcomingHEA Building Meeting to ensure they comply with the contract.  SLTs are charged with developing equity plans that do not impact one set of teachers more than others.  Ask your office manager to view data for your building if you have concerns and follow up with your SLT and HEA reps if there are inequities or a lack of transparency.
Your October 31 paycheck should include case load and class size mitigation pay for Oct 1-10 overages.  Please check your Employee Online account to ensure you are receiving the correct payments for any caseload or class overage.  Thank you to Diane Evans, LRC teacher, who pointed out last week's Know your CBA did not reflect recent changes to LRC mitigation.  See next week’s newsletter for a link to this year’s LOA clarifying those.
It was great to see those who were able to attended yesterday’s HEA-HPS Parent Workshop.  As promised, here are the links to the materials:  , How Report a Special Open Enrollment, Thinking About Taking Unpaid Leave(which might be helpful to anyone).   
In solidarity,


1. Yes for the Bond/Yes for New School Buildings

If all HEA members fill one two-hour shift, we will be able to reach the supporters we need to pass this bond.  Please know that previous bonds have failed on the first try by less than 200 votes so every voter we connect with does make a difference. 

Please sign up today!  You can call from home!

2. November and December Events

1. Proposition 1 Bond Campaign:  

2. HPS School Board Meetings November 2 & 16 @ 6PM (in person & via zoom) 

3. HEA Rep Council Meeting: November 7 @ 4:30PM.  Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session.  Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link. 

4. Please Vote: Ballots are being sent this week. Vote by November 8 @ 8:00PM.  Vote early and avoid getting those calls and texts reminding you to vote!

5. RUC (Rainier UniServ Council) Rainbow Educators Monthly Meetup- HYBRID. November 10 @ 4PM-6PM.REGISTER HERE TODAY! We are creating an LGBTQ+ sub committee of our Equity Team (RECN) that will be working on supporting educators in creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff for their schools, offices, or campuses.  This group will be presenting/co-presenting trainings, intervening when LGBTQ+ issues come up, and supporting student clubs.  This committee will meet in person at the Rainier UniServ Council Office with an option for folks to zoom in. Dinner will be provided. 

6. RECN Monthly MeetingNovember 17  @ 4:30PM–  Register here  (third Thursdays @4:30-6:00PM)  

7. NEW! NEA Member Benefits Workshop: Financial Wellness During a Recession. November 17 @ 5PM. REGISTER HERE. Access flyer here. 

8. NEW! HEA Executive Board Meeting: November 28 @ 4:30PM. Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session.  Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link.

9. NEW! Pre-Retirement Seminar:  Take Charge of Your future! This seminar consists of two sessions, Friday, December 2 (5-8PM) and Saturday, December 3 (8:30AM-2PM).  Participants must attend both.  The Zoom link will be provided after registration is completed. Access flyer here.

10. NEW! HEA Rep/HSD Administrator Labor Management Training:  December 5.  Two options for teams to participate:  Session A (3:00-4:15PM) and Session B (4:30-5:45PM).  This session replaces the December Rep Council Meeting.

3. Know Your CBA:

Section 4.5 Equitable Class Coverage (p. 22)

The building administrator will ensure equitable assignment of teachers when covering classes for absent teachers. Annually, the Shared Leadership Team will work with the building administrator(s) to develop a plan for in-house class coverage. These plans will be submitted to the Executive Director of Human Resources and the HEA President no later than October 15 to ensure the coverage plans are structured for equity and transparency.

A. Class coverage: Use of staff members to provide coverage of another staff member's class will be assigned in as equitable a manner as possible; emergencies will be handled on a needs basis.

B. Substitute Unavailability: If the substitute dispatch office is unable to provide a substitute for an employee absence, then the certificated employee and long-term substitutes on the contractual rate covering the class for that employee shall be paid as follows:

1.  Pay for lost planning time: Teachers covering classes during their planning time shall be paid the extra duty rate for each hour of class time coverage. If an employee absence requires coverage for one half (1/2) day or more, the building administrator must call immediately for a substitute. An employee covering a class less than thirty (30) minutes shall qualify for one-half (1/2) hour of compensation. An employee must cover a class for a minimum of thirty one (31) minutes to qualify for one (1) hour of compensation.

2.  Elementary PE and Music and Librarians: PE/Music/Librarian teachers who substitute instead of providing planning time may be compensated for lost planning time (Section 4.5, paragraph B.1). PE/Music/Librarian teachers are not expected to make up missed sections and are therefore not compensated when they substitute instead of providing planning time. The classroom teacher is compensated for the missed planning time (Section 4.5, paragraph B.1).  [Please reach out to your HEA Specialist Reps for clarification if needed.] 

3   Make up time: Non-supervisory certificated staff may claim up to five hours of time (at the extra duty rate on the salary schedule) for time required outside their regular work hours for work that must be ‘made up’ as a result of their ‘substituting’ and therefore inability to perform their regular duties. An extra duty claim is to be submitted for the extra hours worked outside the school day.

4. Added responsibility: Staff members who are asked by the principal or designee to take on more responsibility than required by the contract shall be paid for up to five hours of extra responsibility (at the extra duty rate). No additional hours need be worked. If two or more teachers combine to cover for one missing substitute, the combined time paid will not exceed five hours. 

5. Loss of Funds: When an employee's pre-authorized attendance at a conference or workshop is revoked by the District due to the unavailability of a substitute, the District shall reimburse the employee for non-refundable expenses.

[Please note that the Highlighting, italics/bold and other reformatting, plus additional notes in red, have been added to aid in understanding.] 


o The newly bargained language is linked here.

o The summary of the highlights is linked here.  



5. NEA Member Benefits:

REGISTER HERE FOR NEA Member Benefits Presentation!

6. Substitute Fill Rates for 10/24/22-10/28/22

7. HSF Winter Warm Up Fund-Raising Event

Winter Warm Up will focus on raising funds through an auction and raffle to purchase basic needs across the district — particularly gearing up kids in need of warm coats, hats and gloves, and other cold weather gear ahead of winter break.  Donations are being accepted of new or washed/gently used winter outdoor wear including coats, hats, scarves, mittens and boots. 

Dress in your coziest casual best and join us!

November 10 at The COVE (1500 SW Shorebrook Dr.)

A warm and fuzzy evening supporting students across Highline. 

Doors open at 6PM

Enter here to win an HEA complimentary ticket!

Purchase Your Tickets Here 

Single Tickets - $50, Table of 8 - $350, VIP Tickets - $75

VIP Tickets and Tables include early entry at 5:30pm, a champagne toast plus one drink token, early access to Silent Auction, and VIP Swag Bag.