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In this Issue: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE for Pro-union, Pro-education candidates! 

  1. November and December Events 
  2. Know Your CBA: all 236 pages linked here
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November 4, 2022

Dear Supporter,

If you live in Burien and plan to go out for a walk between now and Tuesday evening, I am looking for 30 volunteers.  I have 30 walking maps with about 50 likely yes voters each who had not voted as of Wednesday.  Please, please hit reply to this email so I can bring those materials around to your home. Turn out will be critical for this vote. Please remember, every vote counts in these tight election races. 

Thank you to Corie Adams, Katie Schmidt, Alexandria Skagen, Brandice Tranholt, Jeb Binns, Jacque Truong, Karen Boucher, and Jennifer Lyster who each answered the call on limited or no notice to take flyers around their neighbor to targeted voters this past week.  We still need 25 to 30 more Burien walkers!  Special thanks to Jeb Binns and Christian Tautua who joined students, community, and members in White Center on a prior Saturday.

On Saturday at 10AM those who are able to put in a little more time around SeaTac, please meet by the Tyee Soccer Fields at 4424 S 188th.  Join us and connect with the wonderful voters around Valley View, McMicken, Bow Lake, Madrona, Chinook/Tyee campuses.  Please meet up in the parking lot next to the Tyee soccer fields at 10 AM.  We will send you out with friendly voter lists to talk with households around these school’s service area.

Your October 31 paycheck should include your family connections pay for those who completed that work.  Please check your Employee Online to ensure you received pay you were expecting for that time.  If you have concerns, speak to your office manager.  An appeals process is set up if you believe your pay does not reflect the work you completed (and documented).  Email human.resources@highlineschools.org and explain the discrepancy and attach your family call log documentation.

Ballots are due in drop boxes by 8PM Tuesday or must be postmarked by then!

Thank you!


1. November and December Events


1. Proposition 1 Bond Campaign: Doorbelling in SeaTac neighborhoods on November 5 @10AM. Meet the voters around Valley View, McMicken, Bow Lake, Madrona, Chinook/Tyee campuses.  Please meet up in the parking lot next to the Tyee soccer fields.  We will send you out with voter lists to talk with households around your school’s service area.

2. HEA Rep Council Meeting: November 7 @ 4:30PM.  Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session.  Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link. 

3. Please Vote By November 8 @ 8:00PM.  Vote early and avoid getting those calls and texts reminding you to vote!

4. RUC (Rainier UniServ Council) Rainbow Educators Monthly Meetup- HYBRID: November 10 @ 4PM-6PMREGISTER HERE TODAY! We are creating an LGBTQ+ sub committee of our Equity Team (RECN) that will be working on supporting educators in creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff for their schools, offices, or campuses.  This group will be presenting/co-presenting trainings, intervening when LGBTQ+ issues come up, and supporting student clubs.  This committee will meet in person at the Rainier UniServ Council Office with an option for folks to zoom in. Dinner will be provided. 

5. HPS School Board Meetings: November 16 @ 6PM &. December 7 @ 6PM. (in person & via zoom)

6. RECN Monthly Meeting: November 17  @ 4:30PM.  REGISTER HERE ! (third Thursdays @ 4:30-6:00PM)  

7. NEA Member Benefits Workshop-Financial Wellness During a Recession: November 17 @ 5PMREGISTER HERE !  Access flyer here. 

8. HEA Executive Board Meeting: November 28 @ 4:30PM. Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session.  Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link.

9. Pre-Retirement Seminar-Take Charge of Your Future!This seminar consists of two sessions, Friday, December 2 (5-8PM) and Saturday, December 3 (8:30AM-2PM).  Participants must attend both.  The Zoom link will be provided after registration is completed. Access flyer here.

10. HEA Rep/HSD Administrator Labor Management Training: December 5.  Two options for teams to participate:  Session A (3:00-4:15PM) and Session B (4:30-5:45PM).  This session replaces the December Rep Council Meeting.

3. Know Your CBA:

HEA/HSD Contract (CBA) is now searchable.

Table of Contents linked throughout.





4. NEA Member Benefits:

REGISTER HERE FOR NEA Member Benefits Presentation!

5. Substitute Fill Rates for 10/31/22-11/04/22