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In this Issue: Thank you Highline Voters! 

  1. November and December Events 
  2. Know Your CBA: Sick Leave
  3. Quick Links to Membership Support including the COVID Safety Concerns Form
  4. Register for NEA Member Benefits: Financial Wellness During a Recession 
  5. Substitute Fill Data Chart

November 10, 2022

Dear Supporter,

HEA members thank the voters of Highline who approved a replacement bond that will take us one step closer to modern, healthy, and safer learning environments for all students.  As of this writing, King County Elections reported over 66% of voters approved the measure.  Whether you shared information with families, reached out to voters through phone calls or doorbelling, or helped by voting, those working at Evergreen, Tyee, and Pacific we are truly appreciative of this outcome.

With that accomplished, let’s work together and take back our school board from anti-affirming speakers sharing the latest internet-driven tropes against social emotional learning, instruction on race and identity, and fact-based curricula.  Call 206-631-3070 over the weekend to sign up for one of the twenty scheduled speaker spots.  You will need to leave your name, return phone number and the topic you will address. 

On the following Wednesday, November 16, join your colleagues in the board room at 6PM to let them know how important our work is, how amazing our students are, or what you appreciate or need to carry out your work.  Messages affirming our LGBTQI+ students would be most welcome at this particular time.  Scheduled speakers have up to 4 minutes at the start of the meeting while the first ten signing up during the meeting will have up to 2 minutes at the end.  

Finally, this letter also includes a heartfelt thanks to veterans, their families and others who have or are currently serving our country.  Your contribution is appreciated.

Thank you!


1. November and December Events


1. HPS School Board Meetings: November 16 @ 6PM & December 7 @ 6PM. (in person & via zoom)

2. RECN Monthly Meeting: November 17  @ 4:30PM.  REGISTER HERE ! (third Thursdays @ 4:30-6:00PM)

3. NEA Member Benefits Workshop-Financial Wellness During a Recession: November 17 @ 5PMREGISTER HERE !  Access flyer here. 

4. HEA Executive Board Meeting: November 28 @ 4:30PM. Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session.  Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link.

5. Pre-Retirement Seminar-Take Charge of Your Future!This seminar consists of two sessions, Friday, December 2 (5-8PM) and Saturday, December 3 (8:30AM-2PM).  Participants must attend both.  The Zoom link will be provided after registration is completed. Access flyer here.

6. HEA Rep/HSD Administrator Labor Management Training: December 5.  Two options for teams to participate:  Session A (3:00-4:15PM) and Session B (4:30-5:45PM).  This session replaces the December Rep Council Meeting.

2. Know Your CBA: Section 14.1 Sick Leave

The District will provide ten (10) days of leave per year for illness, injury, disabilities, and emergencies. The use of this leave for emergencies is described in greater detail in Section 14.7. In accordance with state law, unused sick leave shall accumulate from year to year up to a maximum of one hundred eighty (180) days for the purposes of cash out described in Section 14.16, and up to a maximum of the number of contract days in a single school year for the purposes of leave.  

A. The employee may use such leave for personal illness or injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth and recovery, parental bonding, care of a child of the employee under the age of eighteen (18) with a health condition that requires treatment or supervision; care for spouse, domestic partner or parent, parent-in law, or grandparent with a serious or emergency health condition, and adult son or daughter incapable of self-care due to a disability. For the purposes of this section, "parental bonding" refers to time to bond and care for a child within twelve (12) months of the birth of the child or placement of the child for adoption or foster care. 

B. The ten (10) days shall be posted to the credit of a 1.0 FTE employee effective the first day each school year. Staff members under contract as part-time employees will accumulate sick leave proportionally based on their FTE. Should the employee leave school district employment before the end of the school year, sick leave will be prorated based on the FTE worked and a deduction will be made from the employee's final paycheck. Leave will not accrue or be paid during any period of an unapproved absence

C. Staff members who are absent for five (5) working days or longer due to serious illness, injury, or disability may be required to provide a certificate from the staff member's health care provider upon their return to work indicating that the staff member is physically capable of performing the essential functions of their position. For any absence five (5) working days or longer, or when there is a recurring pattern of absences,* the District reserves the right to request a health care provider's certificate as proof of disability.

D. Staff may take such leave in one (1) hour increments providing coverage may be obtained within the building and is approved by the supervisor.

E. Employees are entitled and encouraged to use sick leave for any of the purposes identified above, (refer to CBA Section 14.1),  in order to protect the health and safety of themselves and their families, students, and colleagues. The amount of sick leave provided each year, and the ability to accumulate such leave from year to year, is also intended to provide employees with an opportunity to build a short-term financial safety net for planned and unplanned health and family needs occurring in the future which may require more than the annual amount earned leave (i.e.,10 days annually). The District and Association will periodically partner on informational initiatives to employees on the value of using and accumulating sick leave for these purposes.

*A recurring pattern of absences may be demonstrated by an individual or by members of the bargaining unit (HEA) as a whole.  Due to the higher use of sick leave on days before and after holidays by HEA members, be  prepared with documentation from your healthcare provider if you must use sick leave on one of those days.123





4. NEA Member Benefits: NOV 17, 2022

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