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****Special ELECTION Edition of the HEA EFocus****

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for setting aside a few minutes next week to vote for HEA’s Delegates to the State and National Representative Assemblies!  Your ballot is sent securely from Ballotpoint to the personal email you have on record with HEA (your EFocus email).  It is a two-step authentication process but takes less than 30 seconds to access your ballot-so don’t give up!

Can’t find your Ballot in your personal email?

  1. Check your SPAM Filter (and please, please don’t mark Ballotpoint as SPAM with your service provider.)
  2. To obtain a replacement ballot, send an email using the following.

From: your personal email account (Registered with HEA)

To: crux@ballotpoint.com

Subject: VOTE

After sending the email, you should receive an email from BallotPoint, usually in less than 30 seconds (you may need to refresh your email program). Click the link in that email to display your ballot.

        3. Still stuck?  Email Lori Fleck for help.

Elections run the entire week so access your ballot anytime between January 30 at 8AM and February 3rd at 5PM.  Delegations are charged with conducting the business of WEA and NEA on our behalf including voting in the elections for WEA and NEA officers, adopting or rejecting new business items, resolutions, and constitutional amendments, as well as adopting the annual operating budget for the WEA and the NEA.

Statements Submitted by the Candidates

(75 word statements may be edited for length)

Michael Stein-Ross, Maritime High School, WEA RA 1-yr

As a one-year HEA RA delegate I intend to strengthen the voice of the union at our state assembly by representing the voice of career-centered and choice education programs. I’ve taught for 16 years in a wide variety of settings, and for the last 6 I’ve served Highline at PSSC, WELS, and now Maritime High School. I look forward to representing HEA by utilizing my personal strengths in a student-centric approach. Thank you. 

Yaneli Iman M.Ed, Mount View Elementary School, WEA RA 1-yr 

I am a stand-alone Dual Language teacher within the Highline School District. My advocacy is fighting for social justice, equity, and against discrimination in our classrooms. Furthermore, I want to make sure the voices of dual language teachers, especially those teaching in different languages are heard. I also would love the opportunity to advocate for dual language programs.

Benjamin Folgers, Mount Rainier High School, WEA RA 1-yr 

I am running for the WEA Rep Assembly because I was inspired by how much voice we have in the direction of our national union during the NEA Assembly.  I can't wait to bring forward my experiences as a building rep, NEA Rep, and MLK Labor Delegate to our state union while forming relationships with other reps and locals in our area.

Kiana Brisco, Mount Rainier High School, WEA RA 1-yr & NEA RA 2-yr

I am a special education teacher and department head in the district. I use my voice for change in my building and I would like to do that on a larger scale: to join with others who are passionate about advocating for educators, in addition to centering the needs of our diverse student population. I’m excited for the opportunity to problem-solve with like-minded and determined individuals. 

Daniel Del Riego, Glacier Middle School, WEA RA 2-yr

I am a Visual Arts Teacher going on my 12th year of teaching; 6 of which have been in this district and state.  I am constantly striving toward making my class and school a place where our students and faculty can feel represented, seen, safe and respected. I would love to have the opportunity to take more of a role in the union and as a member of both the Latinx and LGBTQ communities.

Nicolette Neumann, Highline High School, WEA RA 2-yr

I am a science teacher at Highline High School and a first year HEA rep. I would love to represent HEA at this year’s Representative Assembly. I had the opportunity to attend the RA several years ago as a Student WEA member during my student teaching, and that experience inspired me to get more involved in my local union and participate in the decision-making process. I can bring a much-needed perspective as a recent Aspiring Educator.

John Larkins, New Start High School, WEA 2-yr 

I have experience with both NEA RA and WEA RA. At WEA RA, I have spoken to help bridge the gap between opposing districts. Many of my peers have appreciated my willingness to speak at the RA in addition to my ability to find solutions, or to suggest amendments to issues. If chosen as your WEA RA representative, I will continue to work in this capacity. 

Kristin Plischke, Evergreen High School, WEA RA 2-yr 

I love my job--my colleagues, students, and the content I teach. Most of my growth in the last several years has been in the areas of racial and LGBTQIA+ justice. My leisuretime is spent learning--books, workshops, seminars. Now I am passionate about taking action--as an IRI Rep, a speaker at school board meetings, and as an HEA Rep.I would love to attend the upcoming WEA RAs to learn, grow, and ACT.

Jeanine Totten, Glacier Middle School, WEA RA 2-yr

I have been a school nurse for 3 years at the end of February. It was the best employment decision I ever made! I want to be a voice and an ear for all the ESAs, especially nurses. This union is primarily for teachers, so all the ESA groups need to work extra to be heard and make sure our needs are articulated in discussions. I would like to be that advocate for these groups.

Yvonne Walker, Puget Sound Skills Center, WEA 2-yr

This is my fourth year at PSSC in the Dental Assisting Program. I am involved in equity work through HEART, IRI, my Building Equity team, and SLT. I am passionate about student learning and CTE. Students are my “why”. I love to see the “ah ha” moments in my classroom. I bring compassion, honesty, and the ability to fight for what is fair, just and right for all. Collaboration, listening, and discerning is my strength.

Leslie Sokolik, Glacier Middle School, WEA RA 1-yr & NEA RA 2-yr

I am looking for your support in my bid to be a delegate for WEA RA and NEA RA. I really have just begun to grasp what the representative assembly is at a state level and national level. I would like an opportunity to explore further the processes used, collaborate with peers from other school districts and be one our voices at the representative assemblies to establish current legislative policies. 

Deborah Strayer, Substitute Teacher, WEA RA 2-yr & NEA RA 2-yr

As a former WEA Board of Director I know the importance of the work of our Union Governance.  As a group we get things done. We have made great strides in the past,  but we need to continue the good fight. I bring experience, energy and a passion for our local organization. Please vote for Deborah Strayer NEA RA and WEA RA Representative. 

Edissa Jaramillo, Glacier Middle School, NEA RA 2-yr

As an educator of color I want to amplify the voices of marginalized groups at the national level. I am a strong advocate for special education as well as equity, and I aspire to be at the table where the decisions are made that will influence not only our jobs but the lives of our students. I would appreciate your vote.