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In this Issue: The Legislature is in Session! Make Your Views Heard!

  1. Planning a Special Education Forum for March 29
  2. HEA ELECTIONS UNDERWAY - vote using your BallotPoint ballot
  3. February Events - Don't miss the annual RECN Equity Conference this weekend! 
  4. QUICKLINKS !!!  NEA Foundation Grants Due Feb 1
  5. Substitute Data Fill Chart

January 30, 2023 

Dear Supporter, 

Wonder why you are asked to join WEAPAC?  Still don’t think our jobs are tied up in the politics of Olympia?  Visit or Sign up for the WEA Advocacy Blog.  and join or increase your  WEA-PAC donation today. 

Here’s what is going THIS WEEK!  Sign up for WEA PAC here.  Candidates who receive contributions are all vetted by WEA PAC members to determent their stances on unions, education, and educators in order receive a campaign contribution.

  • WEA members will be testifying Monday in Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education in favor of two bills on inclusive learning standards and inclusive curricula, SB 5441 and SB 5462. Sign in PRO for both bills, SB 5441 and SB 5462. 
  • A bill around Special Education evaluation and access HB 1305 is scheduled for hearing Monday in House Education and WEA members will be there testifying. We agree that timelines need to speed up but we can’t do that without additional staff and funding.   
  • We have concerns about HB 1550, as do other educational organizations. Its hearing is Tuesday in House Education. It moves transitional Kindergarten to a grant program, which could have funding consequences, plus it changes licensing requirements for educators.  We’ll be testifying with these and other concerns. 
  • WEA educators will be there on Wednesday in Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education for the hearing on SB 5024 on parents’ rights. We support parents’ rights and their involvement in their childrens’ education, but parents already have access to much of what the bill addresses and in areas it’s prescriptive in a way that would increase educator workloads. 
  • A student transportation funding bill SB 5174 has a hearing Thursday in Senate Ways & Means and we’ll be there testifying in favor. 

If you’re interested in testifying on these bills or other bills, please contact WEA Lobbyist Simone Boe. 

Thank you!


1. Help Plan Our Special Education Forum with Legislators

We know that big changes are coming to Washington State for how special education services will be delivered to students.  This Forum is designed to bring together families, educators, and legislators to learn from each other’s experiences and share actions needed from our elected officials to support their learning and necessary services. 

If you would like to help plan this forum and/or recruit speakers or participants, please email us here. 

To preregister, complete this form.  A registration link will be sent closer to the event.  Then join us on March 29 from 6:00-7:30pm 

A zoom link will be sent to those who preregister.  A hybrid option is being explored!

2. HEA Elections Underway This Week for RA Delegates

Thank you for setting aside a few minutes to vote between now and Friday at 5:00PM!

Your ballot was sent securely from Ballotpoint to the personal email you have on record with HEA (your EFocus email).  It is a two-step authentication process but takes less than 30 seconds to access your ballot-so don’t give up!

3February Events

***Look for Event Flyers Posted on your HEA Bulletin Board***

1. Financial Wellness During a Recession: February 1 (5:00-6:30PM on zoom).   REGISTER HERE !  Attend this NEA Member Benefits Workshop and cross one thing off your New Year’s Resolution list. Access flyer here. 

2. HPS School Board MeetingsFebruary 1 and February 15 (6PM).  (in person or listen in via zoom).  Schedule your public comment by calling 206-631-3070 starting on Monday 9AM through Monday 9AM Wednesday the week of the meeting.  Be sure to  leave your name, contact number, personal email and your topic.  Public Speakers have up to two minutes with priority going to those speaking on agenda topics which are listed starting the Friday before.  

3. Rainier Rainbow Educators Monthly Meetup: February 2, 2023 (4PM) Hybrid! RSVP here! ALL educators welcome! Dinner will be provided to in person participants. Be sure to RSVP! Zoom link will be sent out Feb 2, 2023. Your Rainer UniServ Council has created an LGBTQ+ sub committee of our Equity Team (RECN Rainier Educators of Color Network) that is working on supporting educators in creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff for their schools, offices, or campuses. This group will be presenting/co-presenting trainings, intervening when LGBTQ+ issues come up, and supporting student clubs.  This committee meets monthly, both in person and via zoom. Our in person location is at the Rainier UniServ Council Office. Questions ? Requests for agenda items? Email us here. 

4. 4th Annual Rainier Educators of Color Equity ConferenceREGISTER HERE! February 3 (6-7:30PM) and February 4 (8:30AM-4:30PM) on zoom. Conference Theme:  Lean In!  7.5 Free Clock Hours!

5. RUC Pre-Retirement Seminar: February 10 (5-8PM) and February 11 (8:30AM- 2PM) on zoom. REGISTER HERE! Early, Middle, and Late Career members benefit from attending this seminar several times over the course of their careers to ensure they are lined up for a happy and healthy retirement.

6.  WEA Guest Teacher Training: February 11. (9AM-1PM) on zoom. Earn FREE clock hours. Registration link coming next month.




5. Substitute Data Fill Rates:

01/17/2023- 01/27/2023