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  1. HEA Leadership at Work for You
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  4. February & March Events - Don't miss the annual RECN Equity Conference this weekend! 
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February 3, 2023 

Dear Supporter, 

Every other Wednesday I meet with potential members during their orientation at central office.  People sign up to join our union for a combination of reasons—the power of collective action is one big reason.  That power comes through the solidarity of membership.  I feel good (but not completely satisfied) that HEA is at 96% membership (including guest teachers) at this point in the year.

Unfortunately, during this Pame period, our political influence has been shrinking.  HEA recently dipped just below 50% membership in our state political action committee (WEAPAC) for the first time in many years. 

You can  sign up for  WEAPAC payroll contributionl authorization here —NO credit card payment is needed.  You can start as low as $0.08 per day or step it up to $10/month.  Your contribution goes directly to endorsing, funding, and electing the pro-education, pro-union representatives who care about us, funding our COLAs and the salaries of our teamster co-workers. Join today!  Don’t delay! 

Thank you!


1. HEA Leadership at Work for You

view all committee member names here

1. Social Emotional Learning (SBSC):  HEA continues our journey with learning and leading around community building and restorative justice.  Money is still available through the joint Student Behavior Support Committee work we bargained.  Our next one-day Community and Connections workshop will be on Friday, March 10 (9AM-4PM) in the Sylvester MS Library.  Registration will be posted in Frontline soon.  Free clockhours.   If this launch is something you are interested in or would like to learn more about bringing this to your school community, reply to this newsletter to receive more details. HEA Chair Tracy Werthman/Sandy Hunt- Support

2. Equity and Antiracism Team:  The HEART  team has been getting ready for this weekend’s Equity Conference.  Hope you have registered on WHOVA. They encourage you to attend one or more of the union sponsored professional development opportunities offered through WEA. HEA Chair Shawna Moore

3. Secondary Dual Language Study Team: This joint committee is tasked with researching and making recommendations regarding key aspects of our secondary dual language program. So far, the group has been exploring research-based best practices (e.g. Collier & Thomas), and has also surveyed school districts across the country about their DL programs. At the most recent meeting, committee members discussed survey results from districts in Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas, analyzing similarities and differences compared to Highline’s secondary DL program. HEA Chair Nicole Grambo/Elizabeth Beck-Support

4. Dual Language Leadership Team:  Joint elementary DL listening sessions will be held on Friday, February 10 (4:00-4:45PM) and Monday, February 12 (4:00-4:45) on zoom.  Please support the work of the team by jumping on and sharing your input on Spanish assessment, Job Alike Days vs Principal Directed Days, and Special Education services delivery in DL schools.  HEA Chair Carrie Hylander/Sandy Hunt-Support

5. Inclusive Services (JIST):  This joint committee is working to help monitor and make adjustments as the district transitions to a more inclusive model for special education services.  The district has an overall plan for transitioning to more inclusive services, and our hope is that the JIST will, over the next few years, help fill in many of the action steps and support pieces. There are currently seven “start-up schools” in the initial cohort making this transition. A survey will go out soon to staff in those start-up schools, so if you receive it, please take time to share your experiences and perspectives.  HEA Chair Sara Fox/Elizabeth Beck-Support

6. Assessment (HAT):  This committee is working with the NEA Future Principals of Assessment as we revise our long-standing assessment benefits and needs statements in preparation for upcoming work in collaboration with the DL Leadership Team.  HEA Chair Sandy Hunt

7. Teacher Evaluation (JET): 7. Teacher Evaluation (JET):  This joint committee provides monitoring and support for certificated staff evaluation, including the PG&E process (called TPEP at the state level). This year, most of this committee’s work is focused on preparing for changes to the rubrics used for this process. As you know, Washington state has been developing and piloting new student growth goals  for the past few years. Teachers using their knowledge of student assets to develop goals is an area of focus. There is a shift from writing a goal statement to developing a student growth process. Rather than teachers creating artifacts and evidence solely for the purposes of evaluation, there is an emphasis on reflecting what already happens in classrooms. This year, a small group of teachers and evaluators in Highline are “trying on” the new rubrics; next year, most teachers and evaluators districtwide will use the new rubrics. In 2024-25, all teachers and evaluators statewide must use the new rubrics. HEA Chair Brandice Tranholt/Elizabeth Beck-Support

In preparation for districtwide adoption of the new rubrics, HEA and HSD are working collaboratively to plan professional learning to support successful implementation for both teachers and evaluators. However, if you are interested in getting a head start on learning about the new student growth goal rubrics and process, WEA is offering two trainings this spring that are open to all WEA members. Use the links below to sign up if you want to attend!

  • Wednesday, April 19, 2023. 4:30-7:30. Developing TPEP Student Growth Goals with the New Rubrics. 3 clock hours. Register here.
  • Wednesday, May 31, 2023. 4:30-7:30. Developing TPEP Student Growth Goals with the New Rubrics. 3 clock hours. Register here.

2. WEA and NEA Rep Assembly Elections Close at 5:00PM

Open your personal email before 5:00 PM to access your electronic ballot.  Your ballot was sent securely from Ballotpoint to the personal email you have on record with HEA (your EFocus email).  It is a two-step authentication process but it will takes less than 30 seconds to access your ballot-so don’t give up!  

3. Contact Your Law-Makers!

Here's how you can stay up to speed with legislative and political news that affects students, educators and public schools – and take action with other union members and supporters.

  • Help show legislators why our priorities are important.  Share your experiences: Teachers, share why ESPs are critical to your work. Educational Support Professionals include classified staff like paraeducators, office professionals, nutrition services, transportation, building services, and more. 
  • Text ADVOCACY to 833-258-6815 to get regular legislative and election updates by text message.
  • Visit WashingtonEA.org/Advocacy and subscribe to the advocacy blog
  • Like and follow WEA Advocacy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Post using the hashtags #WaEdu and #WaLeg 
  • Call or email your representatives’ office. Find their contact information here! 
  • Call the Legislative Hotline at 800-562-6000 and leave a message for your lawmakers.

4February & March Events

***Look for Event Flyers Posted on your HEA Bulletin Board***

1. 4th Annual Rainier Educators of Color Equity ConferenceREGISTER HERE! February 3 (6-7:30PM) and February 4 (8:30AM-4:30PM) on zoom. Conference Theme:  Lean In!  7.5 Free Clock Hours!

2. NEW!!! Elementary Dual Language Listening Sessions: February 10 (4PM-4:45PM) or Monday, February 13 (4PM-4:45PM) Access zoom link here. Support the work of the team by jumping on and sharing your input on Spanish assessment, Job Alike Days vs Principal Directed Days, and Special Education services delivery in DL schools. 

3. RUC Pre-Retirement Seminar: February 10 (5-8PM) and February 11 (8:30AM- 2PM) on zoom. REGISTER HERE! Early, Middle, and Late Career members can benefit from attending this seminar at different times over the course of their careers to ensure they are lined up for a happy and healthy retirement.

4. WEA Guest Teacher Training: February 11. (9AM-1PM) on zoom. Earn FREE clock hours. REGISTER HERE.

5. HPS School Board Meetings—February 15 (6PM) and March 1 (6PM) (in person or listen in via zoom).  Schedule your public comment by calling 206-631-3070 starting on Monday 9AM through Monday 9AM Wednesday the week of the meeting.  Be sure to  leave your name, contact number, personal email and your topic.  Public Speakers have up to two minutes with priority going to those speaking on agenda topics which are listed starting the Friday before.  

6. RECN Monthly Meetup: February 16 (4:30PM-6PM) on zoom. REGISTER HERE. All educators welcome! RECN hosts monthly meetups to support our Rainier UniServ Council BIPoC members and increase our work in White Ally & Accomplice trainings. JOIN US! 

7. Rainier Rainbow Educators Monthly Meetup: March 2, 2023 (4PM) Hybrid! RSVP here! ALL educators welcome! Dinner will be provided to in person participants. Be sure to RSVP! Zoom link will be sent out March 2, 2023. Your Rainer UniServ Council has created an LGBTQ+ sub committee of our Equity Team (RECN Rainier Educators of Color Network) that is working on supporting educators in creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff for their schools, offices, or campuses. This group will be presenting/co-presenting trainings, intervening when LGBTQ+ issues come up, and supporting student clubs.  This committee meets monthly, both in person and via zoom. Our in person location is at the Rainier UniServ Council Office. Questions ? Requests for agenda items? Email us here. 

8. NEW!!! Community and Connections Workshop: Friday, March 10 (9AM-4PM) in person at the Sylvester MS Library. Registration will be posted in Frontline soon. This is a student conference day for Secondary and a non-paid day for elementary.  FREE CLOCK HOURS! Sponsored by HEA. Hope you can join us for exploring how to build the foundation needed for Restorative Practices.




5. Substitute Data Fill Rates:

01/30/2023- 02/03/2023