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In this Issue: News from This Week's Rep Council Meeting 

  1. Nominations OPEN for HEA Executive Board Positions
  2. HEA Representative Assembly (RA) Election Results 
  3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Olympia!
  4. February & March Events 
  5. Honoring Black History Month: Events Around Seattle 
  6. QUICKLINKS !!!  
  7. Substitute Data Fill Chart

February 10, 2023 

Dear Supporter, 

Much happened at this week’s Representative Council Meeting including celebrating the amazing conference organized by our Rainier Educators of Color Network led by Shawna Moore and a number of member leaders.  A mirror was held up for us to consider how the union perpetuates inequalities, and educators were asked to consider the roles they play in a system often aligned against our students of color.  What connections might we make between issues discussed at the conference and a passionate discussion about the need for accountability and discipline held during the Rep Council meeting?

Please call on your shared leadership teams to review, with the district’s equity lens, Section 3.4 in the CBA. How can your school create a pause in operations to make the time and space needed delve into member and student needs and concerns.  Don’t hesitate to take a pause from teaching content with your own students to stop, listen, and reset. Please reach out if your administration is not supportive of these steps.

HEA is working to transform conflict into connection in our schools and community. A one-day workshop is scheduled for March 10.  Free community 20-hour workshops (a big lift for sure because they are Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) are being offered twice per month through December.  Please reach out if this is something you wish to learn more about this.   

Finally, the Rep Council certified the delegates for NEA RA and the first in-person WEA RA since I took office as President.  I promise that this April I will relish my one and only in-person WEA RA as your HEA President.  Nominations for HEA officers listed below are open with elections scheduled in May.  I commit to continued urgency, activism and energy until my term concludes on July 6, 2023.

Warmest wishes,


1. Nominations Open for HEA Executive Board

Nominations are open and will remain open until the March 6 Rep Council Meeting. These officer positions are two-year terms, with elections held in odd-numbered years.  Email Amanda Stanley to nominate yourself or encourage someone else to do the same.

  • President-all members eligible to run.
  • Vice-President-all members eligible to run.
  • Elementary Representative-Elementary Teachers eligible to run.
  • Middle school Representative-Middle School Teachers eligible to run.
  • Specialist Representative-All ESAs, Central Office, Non-classroom Educators, Substitutes, Music/PE/Librarian Teachers eligible to run.

You are invited to join a Candidate Zoom Forum on April 24 at 4:30.  The link will be provided to all members through a future EFocus.  All candidates will also have the opportunity to address the Representative Council for two minutes at the May 1 monthly Rep Council Meeting.  Only HEA members will be allowed to vote.  Elections are carried out through personal email with your unique ballot emailed on May 15 and tabulated on May 19 by BallotPoint.

2. HEA RA Elections Results

Much appreciation to all who voted to elect our Representative Assembly (RA) delegates. Special thanks to all who ran and to the write-in candidates who accepted their peer’s vote of confidence. 

We will take close to a full delegation to WEA RA in Spokane [21 out of 24 delegates plus Shawna Moore (WEA BOD) and Jeb Binns (NEA BOD)].  Our NEA Delegation is complete with 10 serving AND several alternates available if needed.  

Would you like more information about being a delegate in the future?  You are invited to zoom into our Delegate training on Saturday, February 25 (The RA and the Role of the Delegate 2:00-3:00PM)  Email Sandy Hunt for the link.

WEA Representative Assembly Delegates serving in Spokane (April 13-15, 2023)

  • One-Year Delegates:  Kiana Brisco, Benjamin Folgers, Yaneli Iman, Michael Stein-Ross, and Leslie Sokolik. Write-ins:  Bertha Crandall, Stephanie Kiracofe, Jennifer Walsh
  • Two-Year Delegates: John Larkins, Nicolette Neumann, Kristin Plischke, Deborah Strayer, Jeanine Totten, and Yvonne Walker.  Write-ins: Cindy Akana, Sandra Aguila, Alejandra Martinez Hernandez
  • Returning Delegates (2nd yr):  Christine Hagerty, Amanda Stanley, Brandice Tranholt, and the HEA President.

NEA Representative Assembly Delegates serving in Orlando (July 1-6, 2023)

  • Two-Year Delegates: Kiana Brisco, Edissa Jaramillo, Daniel Del Riego, Leslie Sokolik, and Deborah Strayer. Write-in Delegate: Thara Cooper
  • One Year Write-in Alternates:  Sandra Aguila, Cindy Akana, and Anamarleny Alvarez Villa
  • Returning Delegates (2nd yr):  Ben Folgers, Christine Hagerty, Shawna Moore, and the HEA President.

3. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Olympia

(Yeah-just take a look at the February 3 update)

WEA Staff make it easy to follow those bills we should shout out or thumb down.  By clicking on the WEA Advocacy Blog you will see quick responses you can register (pro and con).  Register for the blog and you will get these in a timely manner.  And who knows, you may see a bill you really wish to zoom into a committee meeting to speak for or against. 

4February & March Events

***Look for Event Flyers Posted on your Staff Room HEA Bulletin Board***

1. WEA Guest Teacher Training: February 11. (9AM-1PM) on zoom. Earn FREE clock hours. REGISTER HERE.

2. HPS School Board Meetings—February 15, March 1 and March 29 (6PM in person or listen in via zoom).  Schedule your public comment by calling 206-631-3070 starting on Monday 9AM through Wednesday 9AM the week of the meeting. Be sure to leave your name, contact number, personal email and your topic.  Public Speakers have up to two minutes with priority going to those speaking on agenda topics which are listed starting the Friday before.  

3. NEW! RECN Monthly Meetup: February 16 (4:30PM-6PM) on zoom. REGISTER HERE. Third Thursdays of the month on zoom. 

4. NEW! HEA Executive Board Hybrid Retreat: February 25 (9AM) overlapping with New WEA RA Delegate Training (2PM-5PM).  All members invited to zoom starting at 2:00 PM to learn more about the RA and the Delegate Role.  Eboard meetings are open to all members except when in Executive SessionEmail HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link or address. 

5. NEW! Rainier Rainbow Educators Monthly Meetup: March 2, 2023 (4PM) Hybrid! REGISTER HERE. ALL educators welcome! Dinner will be provided to in person participants. Be sure to RSVP! Zoom link will be sent out March 2, 2023. Your Rainer UniServ Council has created an LGBTQ+ sub committee of our Equity Team (RECN Rainier Educators of Color Network) that is working on supporting educators in creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and staff for their schools, offices, or campuses. This group will be presenting/co-presenting trainings, intervening when LGBTQ+ issues come up, and supporting student clubs.  This committee meets monthly, both in person and via zoom. Our in person location is at the Rainier UniServ Council Office. Questions ? Requests for agenda items? Email us here. First Thursday of the month @ HEA office/zoom. 

6. NEW! HEA Rep Council Hybrid Meeting: March 6 (4:30-6:15PM) in-person at Highline High School and on zoom. Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session. Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link or room number. 

7. NEW! Introduction to Transforming Classrooms through Community and Connection—March 10 (9:00AM-4:00PM in the Sylvester Library) Registration will open March 1 in Frontline (Earn 6 clock hours)  This is a secondary SLC day-if you are not hosting SLCs, talk with your administrator about attending.  Elementary, this is a non-paid day so talk with your administrator about an ESC.

8. NEW! HEA’s Guest Teacher Social returns: March 17 (4:00-5:30PM at Angelo’s Restaurant, Burien).  RSVP link coming soon.

5. Honoring Black History Month: Events in the Seattle Area



by Victor Simoes

Black History Month is well underway. The annual celebration conceived by historian Carter G. Woodson began in 1926 as a time to honor Black resistance and raise awareness of Black history.

A wide range of events are happening throughout Seattle, uplifting Black histories, stories, and brilliance. These commemorations include educational events, workshops, art exhibitions, and an entirely new museum organized by Rainier Avenue Radio, showcasing the achievements and celebrating Black historical figures particular to the Pacific Northwest.  Use this link to learn more.  

Words into Action

Radical writers pose bold strategies for a revived freedom struggle

Join us for events celebrating the publication of two new titles from Red Letter Press: “Which Way Forward for the Black Lives Matter Movement?”


“A Revolutionary Call for Black Reparations.”

Seattle: February 11, 2023 @ 7:00 PM PST 




7. Substitute Data Fill Rates:

2/06/2023- 02/10/2023