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In this Issue: Actions for Academic Freedom on 3/07/23

  1. What is the 3-7 National Challenge? 
  2. Nominations Close Monday 
  3. Workforce Turnover Report Listening Session-PSSC
  4. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Olympia!
  5. March Events 
  6. Sound Alliance Crisis Care Levy Assembly 
  7. QUICKLINKS !!!  
  8. Substitute Data Fill Chart- Good News for Many!

March 3, 2023 

Dear Supporter, 

HEA worked throughout the week with administration on student behavior challenges in our schools. We are actively identifying system additions, policy improvements, and training that must be implemented. We will hopefully have more to report at the Monday Rep Council meeting which will be shared at your monthly HEA meeting.

In support of this work, HEA is inviting any interested staff to a one-day introductory AVP workshop on March 10.  Earn 6 clock hours by attending the Introduction to Transforming Classrooms through Community and Connection—March 10, 9:00AM-4:00PM in the Sylvester Library REGISTER HERE  (limited to 25 participants).The teachers who have started this series have really appreciated it. King County-sponsored free Community and Connection AVP workshops are being added monthly. Next up are:

Finally, no matter your politics, it is imperative that we come together to fight for our academic freedom. Nowhere is that more important than in the location for this year’s NEA Representative Assembly—Florida. Continue reading below. Members around the nation are answering the Florida Education Association’s 3/7 Challenge. Will we?

In solidarity,


1. What is The 3-7 National Challenge?

Tuesday, March 7th, is the start of Florida’s 2023 Legislative Session, during which their governor has promised to propose bills that will limit the fundamental freedoms of the Florida’s students, teachers, education staff professionals, and higher education faculty. In response, we are asking all Florida Education Association (FEA) and United Faculty of Florida (UFF) members to participate in a statewide “Public Education Day of Action” to show support for educators and the future of education in our state.

In support of the “Public Education Day of Action,” FEA and UFF are asking our allies and colleagues across Florida and around the country to participate in “The 3-7 Challenge” to protect our freedoms to learn, to teach, to read, for students to choose the classes they want to take, and for anyone to speak up without fear of reprisal in Florida’s public education system, kindergarten through graduate school.

To complete “The 3-7 Challenge,” supporters of FEA and UFF are asking our allies to make 3 phone calls and send 7 emails to Florida’s elected officials on March 7th. These officials include Gov. DeSantis, the Senate President, the House Speaker, members of the Florida Board of Governors (which oversees our state universities), the Florida State Board of Education, and various legislative committees. You can find a full list to contact by scrolling through this page.

What should my message be?

If you would like assistance with formulating your thoughts on the issues, feel free to refer to the talking points provided on the website.Whether you use the talking points or not, it is important that you speak from the heart and express your ideas in an original fashion, rather than using a template.

Through this challenge, we are hoping to drive tens of thousands of contacts to Florida’s elected leaders in one day, all in service of protecting Florida’s world-class public education system!

What should you do once you’ve completed the challenge?

After you’ve made your calls and sent your emails, you can—

  • Post to social media that you’ve completed the challenge using the hashtag #3-7Challenge. Feel free to tag @FloridaEA and @UnitedFacultyFL to show your support for Pre-K-12 and higher education in our state.
  • Ask your colleagues, friends, and family members to complete the challenge as well.

Florida Education Association

2. Nominations Close Monday

Nominations for the HEA Executive Board leadership positions listed below will remain open until the March 6 Rep Council Meeting. These are two-year terms, with elections held in odd-numbered years. Email Amanda Stanley to nominate yourself or encourage someone else to do the same.

  • President and Vice-President-all members are eligible to run.
  • Elementary Representative-Elementary Teachers are eligible to run.
  • Middle School Representative-Middle School Teachers are eligible to run.
  • Specialist Representative-All ESAs, Central Office, Non-classroom Educators, Substitutes, Music/PE/Librarian Teachers are eligible to run.

3. Workforce Turnover Report Listening Session

On March 1, the HSP board participated in a workstudy session on staff turnover. HR is hosting a community conversation and listening session as well on the Workforce Turnover Report and data. This report is based on the 2021-22 school year and presents the experiences of staff who exited oursystem and chose to participate. Please join the Human Resources Department for an in-person community conversation and listening session about the report and the turnover data described.

March 7, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Health Services Building, Puget Sound Skills Center 

18010 8th Ave. S, SeaTac 98148

4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Olympia

(Yeah-just take a look each week here)

WEA Staff make it easy to follow those bills we should shout out or thumb down.  By clicking on the WEA Advocacy Blog you will see quick responses you can register (pro and con).  Register for the blog and you will get these in a timely manner.  And who knows, you may see a bill you really wish to zoom into a committee meeting to speak for or against. 

  • SB 5257 ensuring a minimum of 30 minutes of recess for elementary students and discouraging using recess or other physical movement as punishment passed on the Senate floor on Monday night and is now scheduled for hearing in the House Education committee on Wednesday March 1. We now need to make sure the House doesn’t weaken any of the provisions in the bill. Sign in PRO.
  • The bill ensuring universal screening for highly capable students (SB 5072) passed in the Senate is now scheduled for hearing in the House Education Committee on Wednesday. Sign in PRO.
  • HB 1200 to ensure public employers share basic employee contact information with unions is still not scheduled for a House floor vote. We need to take action now – send an email to your Representatives now.
  • Education Support Professionals (ESPs) need wage increases but we must convince lawmakers of the importance of investing in ESP wages and now!  Can you meet – virtually or in person – with legislators to stress how important it is to increase ESP pay? Let us know here!

5March Events

***Look for Event Flyers Posted on your Staff Room HEA Bulletin Board***  

1. HPS School Board MeetingsMarch 15 and March 29 (6PM in person or listen in via zoom).  Schedule your public comment by calling 206-631-3070 starting on Monday 9AM through Wednesday 9AM the week of the meeting. Be sure to leave your name, contact number, personal email and your topic.  Public Speakers have up to two minutes with priority going to those speaking on agenda topics which are listed starting the Friday before.

2. HEA Rep Council Hybrid Meeting: March 6 (4:30-6:15PM) in-person at Highline High School and on zoom. Meetings are open to all members except when in Executive Session. Email HEA Secretary Veronica Fairchild for the link or room number. 

3. Workforce Turnover Report Listening Session–March 7 (4:30-5:30 in the PSSC Health Services Building).   Join a community conversation hosted by HR on the Workforce Turnover Report released on February 22 and presented to the school board at the March 1 Work Study Session.     

4. SPECIAL INVITATION! HEA’s Introduction to Transforming Classrooms through Community and Connection—March 10 (9:00AM-4:00PM in the Sylvester Library) Registration will open March 1 in Frontline (Earn 6 clock hours)  This is a secondary SLC day-if you are not hosting SLCs, talk with your administrator about attending.  Elementary, this is a non-paid day so talk with your administrator about an ESC. Register HERE!

5. NEW! Sound Alliance Crisis Care Centers Levy People’s Assembly—March 12 (2:00-3:30PM) in-person at the Seattle Labor Temple. See below and RSVP HERE!   

6. HEA’s Guest Teacher Social returns: March 17 (4:00-5:30PM at Angelo’s Restaurant, Burien).  RSVP HERE! 

6. Crisis Care Center Levy Assembly

On March 12th, 2023 at 2pm in the Seattle Labor Temple, Sound Alliance will be hosting an in-person assembly to build our collective momentum in support of King County's Crisis Care Centers (CCC) Levy which will be on the ballot April 25th. 

If passed, the CCC levy will create a countywide network of five crisis care centers, fund recruitment and retention of our community behavioral health workforce, and restore the number of residential treatment beds in the region. 

To learn more about the levy, click here.  

You won't want to miss this assembly where we will hear from those directly affected by the mental health crisis in our region, cover the scope and impact of this critically important CCC Levy, and offer opportunities to mobilize your communities in support of it.


WHEN: March 12, 2023 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm

WHERE: Seattle Labor Temple, 5030 1st Ave S,

First Floor Conference Room, Seattle  98134




8. Substitute Data Fill Rates: