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Dear WEA Members,

We skipped last month's Out and About because we were just figuring out what it feels like to be In and not Out. We were buried in messages and messaging as we tried to make some sense out of the chaos that came with closing our school buildings. But life goes on . . .

So, this month we don't need to look back through our calendars to remember where we've been when we've been out and about. We already know. Like you, we've been home. And we're doing what you're doing. We're trying to find balance while meeting the needs of those around us. Just as we see that stark light point out inequities, we also need to allow the light in to recalculate and rebalance our own thinking. Our top three priorities in the COVID-19 world are, first, make sure we stay safe and healthy; second, to allow flexibility in assignments which allow us to care for ourselves and our families while also caring for our students; finally, to make sure we stay financially "whole" so we can continue working and caring for ourselves and our families so we can focus on supporting our students.

None of this is easy. All of us want answers and schedules and certainty. There is none. All we can do is wake up five days a week and do the best we can to support ourselves, our families and our students. We can keep ourselves in balance and find ways to stay sane and stay healthy.

Remember to connect with one another. Compassion is more important than ever. Letting go of some things is really okay.

Joe Truss is a principal at a middle school in San Francisco and a culturally responsive leadership trainer. If you're okay with a few colorful cuss words, read (the whole post) what he's been thinking. It may resonate with you or help you put some of your own experience into context. Even if it doesn't, we hope it will spur some good thinking.

So, we are not Out and About, but we are In and Here to hear and share your stories, to support you and to advocate for getting what we need so we can get our students what they need in these strange times. Stay healthy. Stay safe. We must keep doing what we're doing to save lives. If that isn't the most important work anyone can do, saving lives, what is? Be good to yourselves.

WEA Board minutes
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