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E-Focus Special Edition with linke to the Updated MOU Addendum

March 1, 2021

Important upcoming meetings:

Monday, March 1, 4:30pm – Representative Council Meeting (open to all members),register here

Tuesday, March 2, 4:30pm – General Membership Meeting, register here 

Register for the HEA General Membership Webinar (March 2@4:30) 

HEA leadership will present the Addendum to the MOU and requested data and will ask the membership to determine whether our elementary schools are prepared to welcome students on March 11. The webinar is open to all HEA members.  Details are below.  REGISTER ONLY ONCE HERE OR find and use the link sent to your home email.  Sign up and sign in using the personal email, personal device, and (if possible) the name you have listed with HEA.  (Register only once.  Please log on and stay logged on starting at 4:00PM.)

Preparation for Tuesday’s General Membership Meeting

A motion to adopt the March 11 transition start bargained jointly with the district is being brought forward by the Executive Board for consideration by the Representative Council this afternoon.  To address issues raised by the members, your bargaining team will present the following information both today and tomorrow:

  • District data on Overall Program Assignments, DL Program Assignments, and the Intersectionality of target language and identity.  This information addresses in-person assignments and whether they have landed disproportionately on our BIPOC DL educators.  Data indicates that by and large, remote assignments were given at equal or higher rates to our BIPOC teachers, including BIPOC DL teachers.
  • HEA COVID Co-Captain surveys that gauged their building’s readiness around health and safety planning and implementation.  Reports suggest that schools and teachers are fully or close to fully prepared to welcome students.  Additional work needs to be done around family communication and MTSS planning for students with behavior needs. 
  • The Impact Bargaining Team met jointly with the district to negotiate further and address concerns and issues raised by members returning to buildings.  We made enhancements to the original MOU in multiple areas raised by HEA members, and a new version of the MOU Addendum is linked here.  Underlined portions were bargained this past week and demonstrate responsive and substantive new gains.  Please bookmark the HSD Hybrid Phase I & II Guidebook,  a key document regularly updated and used by schools in their planning for the next phase of opening buildings.  Linked here is also the final version of the August MOU on Reopening Schools. 

Motion to Approve March 11 building re-open date

Please plan to attend and make your views known.  Last week, HEA and HSD worked jointly and selected March 11 as the date to begin the transition to in-person instruction for elementary students beyond our ILC Classrooms. This timeline must be approved at the HEA General Membership Meeting. HEA members will vote on this on March 2 at the conclusion of debate. 

  • March 11: Pre-K, kindergarten, grade 1 and secondary IACs
  • March 22: Grades 2 and 3
  • April 1: Grades 4 and 5

Rules and process for March 2 meeting

After a moderated discussion, a motion will be presented.  We will then use modified Sturgis Rules of Order for debate.  Julie Kastien, who will be our parliamentarian to support our process, will explain the Sturgis Rules.  Members can use the chat to signal if you wish to speak to/about the motion.  The chat is not used to debate.

We will alternate between Speaking For the Motion, Speaking Against the Motion, Asking a Question about the motion.  For other actions, the parliamentarian will help ensure the person who signs up will speak directly behind the person ahead of them in the chat.

To get into line to speak, please use the chat and type one of the following:

  • for, Name, School/Site (to speak for the motion or the amendment)
  • against, Name, School/Site (to speak against the motion or amendment)
  • ?, Name, School/Site (to ask a question)
  • PofO, Name, School/Site (to call a point of order because a rule was not followed)
Other actions you can take by submitting your name in the chat include the following:
  • amend, Name, School/Site (call for a vote to change the wording of the motion) This starts and new debate and takes ½ of those present+1 person to pass.
  • close, Name, School/Site (call for a vote to end the debate).  This takes 2/3+1 to pass. 

Register for the March 1 Representative Council Meeting

At the March 1 Representative Council Meeting (4:30 on Zoom), your Building Reps will preview the agreement as well as review and ask questions related to the data gathered to answer member questions.  The Executive Board will bring forward a motion recommending the March 11 transition start date.  Representative Council Meetings are open to members; if you would like to register and attend, please use this link.

Nominations for HEA Officers Open on March 1

Nominations will open for President, Vice-President, Specialist, Middle School, and HEA Elementary (A) Representatives on the HEA Board of Executives at the Representative Council Meeting.  Nominations will close at the April 5 Representative Council Meeting.  Please email Julie Kastien or Deb Strayer to learn more about the nominations process and submit your nomination. 

Secondary IAC Bargaining Update II   

HEA brought IAC member issues to the table on Thursday and made significant progress. We will address secondary safety plan issues along with individual building issues during the upcoming week.  HEA leaders are currently scheduling ventilation walk-throughs which IAC teachers are welcome to join.  Bargainers will present to impacted teachers on Thursday, March 4 at 4:00.  Watch for a zoom invitation to home emails on Wednesday.

Vaccine access

The district will begin to compile a list of all members eligible for vaccination by district health partners.  This list will be published to allow members working with students to locate their names and report any necessary corrections.   

In Solidarity,


Sandy Hunt, HEA President