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E-focus Special Edition 3.8.2021

In this edition: New shared agreements to review, link to register for today’s meeting

March 8, 2021

Fellow HEA members,

This Special Edition of the EFocus is particularly special to me today!  Through the historic efforts of our Impact Bargaining Team, Executive Board, the Elementary Building Reps, Edissa Jaramillo (representing IAC teachers) as well as our Bargaining Support Team (so capably led by Katie Utesch) we are bringing forward language that addresses issues raised at the previous General Membership Meeting.  

The bargaining team met late last week and through the weekend in joint sessions and caucuses. The Bargaining Support Team worked to collect the information the general membership requested through building meetings/surveys, listening sessions, and a districtwide survey to those members called to return in person.  Many thanks, as well, to those members who worked yesterday’s vaccination clinic on behalf of the district, we appreciate your time and care.

Here are the newly negotiated supplemental provisions to the Version 2.0  Addendum to our Memorandum of Understanding on Reopening Schools. You can also view the shared agreements for Secondary IAC here.  

Meanwhile, HSD has proceeded with filing an injunction and a request for a Temporary Restraining Order asking a judge to order us back into buildings starting on Thursday, March 11.

At tonight’s important General Membership Meeting, we will be making a critical choice:

If HEA members vote to approve the 3/11 date, given new agreements, the District will dismiss the injunction action and both HSD & HEA can dedicate our immediate full attention to implementing the additional supplemental provisions. 


If we do not approve the 3/11 date, the District will proceed with the injunction hearing and a March 11 opening date.  HEA & HSD must focus on preparing for the hearing and our ability to further bargain or assist members with individual accommodations will be limited.

At tonight’s meeting we will be centering the voices of educators who have been called back into buildings.  As a group, we need to ensure we are listening to their experiences and meeting their needs given they will be immediately impacted.

If you have not already, please register now for today’s meeting (register only once using your home email):

HEA General Membership Meeting

TODAY, Monday, March 8 at 4:30 p.m.

Register in advance here.

Additional materials for the meeting:

Reopening Schools MOU https://www.highlineea.org/file_viewer.php?id=36651 

MOU Addendum Version 2.0 https://action.washingtonea.org/c/9970/images/HEA-HSD%20Addendum%20to%20MOU%20on%20Reopening%20Schools%20Version%20Two%20FINAL.pdf 

Supplemental Provisions to MOU Addendum https://action.washingtonea.org/c/9970/images/210307supplemental.provisions.final.pdf 

Shared Agreements for Secondary IAC https://action.washingtonea.org/c/9970/images/HEA-HSD%20Shared%20Agreements%20on%20Secondary%20IAC%20Hybrid%20Transition%20Final.pdf

HSD Hybrid Guidebook https://hsd.instructure.com/enroll/GD9LYR 

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) https://www.highlineea.org/file_viewer.php?id=41076

Sturgis Parliamentary Procedure Rules https://action.washingtonea.org/c/9970/images/Principal%20Rules%20Governing%20Motions%202%20pg.pdf 

Talk with you tonight!



President, Highline Education Association