Focus on kids and teachers, not failed legislation!

Charter schools divert money from existing public schools

Sen. Rodney Tom and Rep. Eric Pettigrew are way off base. The state Supreme Court recently ruled that Tom, Pettigrew and the rest of the Legislature are failing our state' children -- they aren't funding our public schools as required by the state Constitution.

Instead of honoring their oath to uphold the Constitution, Tom and Pettigrew are pushing failed legislation that does nothing to help our students get the quality education they deserve.

Even though voters have rejected charter schools three times, and even though charter schools overall don't outperform existing public schools, and even though creating new charter schools would siphon millions away from students in our existing public schools classrooms, Pettigrew and Tom are pushing charter school legislation in Olympia!

E-mail Rep. Pettigrew and Sen. Tom and tell them: Focus on students and teachers, not failed legislation.