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State Senate Republicans and their collaborators released a new budget plan March 15 that continues their attack on public school employees’ health care, pensions and collective bargaining rights.

The Senate Republican budget funds the state takeover of K-12 health care -- and diverts taxpayer funding into failed charter schools. The Senate Republican budget also fails to make a $99 million K-12 pension payment and limits pension benefits for new school employees. While the new Senate budget does not cut NBCT incentive pay, the already-approved House budget is much better. The House budget does NOT fund the state health care takeover or charter schools, nor does it cut pension funding.

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STATE BUDGET (message points to consider):

  • Please support the House budget proposal, which is better for K-12 and higher education.
  • Please support a state budget that protects education from further budget cuts. 
  • Do not cut educator pensions.
  • Do not cut incentive pay for National Board Certified Teachers.
  • Do not limit educators' ability to collectively bargain with their school district employers
  • Oppose failed charter schools, which divert money from existing public schools


SBSB 6442 HEALTH CARE TAKEOVER (message points to consider):

Please oppose SB 6442, which costs taxpayers $45 million, reduces benefits, eliminates private sector competition, increases the size of government and costs employees more.

NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION (message points to consider):

•    I’m writing to urge you to maintain Washington’s investment in accomplished teaching -- specifically maintaining National Board Certification pay incentives.  Proposed cuts to incentives undermine our efforts to improve the quality of teaching in Washington’s schools and disrupt our progress in improving student learning.

Personal comments/experiences
•    Please customize this section. You might choose to share why you chose to go through NBC, its impact on your teaching practice and student learning.