Stop the health care takeover!

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This bill will eliminate your current health care benefits and force ALL K-12 employees into a new state-run bureaucracy that will cost more and provide fewer benefits. This legislation would:

Impose higher costs:

  • Add more than $21.5 million in NEW taxpayer costs: $12 million for start up costs in 2011-13, plus $9.5 million for additional start up costs in fiscal year 2014. The ongoing cost is then estimated to be $7.1 million per year.
  • Require an additional $25 million per year paid by employees through higher premiums and “point-of-service cost sharing” (higher fees).
  • Shift all future cost risks to school districts for costs above the state allocation.
  • Abandon a system that today costs less and provides more: Currently, the state pays $768 a month per full-time equivalent K-12 employee vs. $850 per full-time state employee, yet K-12 employees get coverage that is as good or better than what state employees receive.

Reduce benefits:

  • Require lower overall benefits to avoid immediate cost increases.
  • Wipe out health care coverage entirely for thousands of part-time employees who work less than half time.

Eliminate competition and expand state government:

  • Add another costly function to the state bureaucracy at a time when vital funding for K-12 education and other services is being cut.

Health care funding should pay for benefits, not growth in state bureaucracy. What is the evidence that state government can take over a private program, and perform as well or better at a lower cost? Senate Bill 6442 is a plan based on higher costs, bigger government, less competition, and poor customer service.

There IS an alternative: House Bill 2666 and SB 6553 will help reduce health insurance costs for school employees with families by modifying local school district insurance pools. HB 2666 costs the state nothing, and it maintains local decision making.