Maintain National Board pay incentives

NBCTs -- We need you to act now!

Things are heating up in Olympia. The Senate Democrats' proposed budget fully maintains National Board pay incentives. At the same time, the House Ways & Means is hearing a bill (HB 2804) which would PERMANENTLY reduce the pay incentives to $4,000 per year.

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Here's the context:

  • Washington state is a national success story around National Board Certification. We now have 6,243 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) in Washington -- over 11 percent of our certificated teaching population. In 2011, Washington certified the 2nd most NBCTs in the nation, and now has the 4th most total.
  • In 2007, the Legislature enacted pay incentives for NBCTs, including incentivizing them to teach in our most challenging schools. Teachers and school counselors listened. With legislative support and the promise of professional compensation and recognition, our candidate numbers have surged. Now, over 25 percent of NBCTs teach in high-needs schools.

Our Ask:
Don't undo the good work you've set in motion. As the budget compromise process unfolds, I ask that you fully maintain National Board pay incentives. Do not act on HB 2804, which would permanently reduce National Board incentives.

The Consequences:

  • Proposed cuts to National Board incentives save the state just $8 million this biennium.
  • What does the legislature get for this $8 million reduction? It sets a precedent for further erosion or elimination of incentives and supports in future years. This move destroys the Legislature's credibility for implementing new performance-pay for all educators in the future. It will cause NBCTs -- who are often leaders in education reform initiatives -- to lose faith in our legislature and their education priorities. There are many unintended, tangible and intangible consequences of this budget cut.