Hands off our healthcare!

In the middle of the night on Friday, March 2, Washington's Republican legisaltors passed their version of a state budget: a Wisconsin-style attack on public school employees, students and collective bargaining -- and educators' healthcare benefits. This budget is similar to what Gov. Scott Walker did to educators and public workers in Wisconsin. If anti-union legislators in Washington get their way now, just think what could happen after the general election in November!

We, the educators and public education supporters in the state of Washington, urge Senate Democrats and fair-minded Republicans to oppose these attacks on public education, collective bargaining and school employees' healthcare benefits.

We call on Sen. Karen Keiser, from the 33rd Legislative District, a longtime labor ally, to:

• Reverse your position of support for the healthcare takeover, and see it for what it is: a pawn in a Republican stealth-attack on public education and public-sector unions. Join us in opposition to SB 6442!
• Meet with educators from the WEA Rainier UniServ Council to discuss alternative ways to address pro-active, cost-neutral changes to the K-12 health benefits system.
• Continue to fight the GOP's "Promises Broken" budget -- now is the time to come together and be united in our fight to protect public education, collective bargaining, and democracy in our state!
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