Support Gov. Inslee's K-12 budget & oppose the Senate Republicans' punitive plan

Gov. Inslee and Senate Republicans have very different K-12 school funding plans. Inslee's $4 billion K-12 budget plan includes a substantial increase in pay for all public school employees, raising beginning teacher base pay to nearly $55,000. Inslee's educator compensation plan also protects local collective bargaining rights, maintaining the flexibility for school districts to meet the needs of their students. WEA supports Inslee's budget, which is the best K-12 budget proposed in recent memory.

In contrast, the Senate Republicans released a plan inspired by Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump that is punitive, reckless and bad for public schools. The Senate budget plan:
  • Cuts pay for many teachers.
  • Slashes special ed funding by prohibiting use of local funds for special ed.
  • Freezes funding for small rural districts.
  • Increases class size and reduces the number of staff in schools across the state by eliminating I-1351.
  • Lowers teaching requirements, allowing anyone to teach as long as they pass a basic background test. No teaching certificates would be required.
  • Expands the number of charter schools.
  • Sets up the funding mechanisms for statewide school vouchers – privatizing public education.
  • Severely limits local collective bargaining, the right to strike and due process.

Email your legislators and urge them to SUPPORT Gov. Inslee's K-12 compensation plan and budget and to OPPOSE Senate Republicans' punitive and reckless proposal.