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Help reduce class sizes: Endorse I-1351!

 WEA members helped collect nearly 350,000 voter signatures, more than enough to qualify Initiative 1351 for the Nov. 4 ballot. I-1351 will reduce class sizes in K-12 classrooms across the state, and now we need to make sure it passes. Add your name to the growing list of WEA members who endorse I-1351 for smaller class sizes! Our goal is to get at least 1,351 WEA endorsements by Oct. 1. (If you add your name, you're giving the Class Size Counts campaign the permission to use your name as someone who supports I-1351.)

This petition has a goal of 1351 signatures
1-25 of 449 signatures
Number Date Name Location How will smaller class sizes ...
449 8.1 years ago CUONG PHAM PUYALLUP, WA
448 8.1 years ago CUONG PHAM PUYALLUP, WA
447 8.1 years ago KARLA LEONE BOTHELL, WA
446 8.1 years ago LIGIA CHIS VANCOUVER, WA reduce and close the opportunity, achievement gap
445 8.1 years ago SYDNEY LEE DEER PARK, WA
444 8.1 years ago LULA GHEBREAB FEDERAL WAY, WA Smaller class sizes means:-
1) Better for all students to pay attention and become engaged in a small size class, specially, for those who English language learners' ...

2) Smal
I\'m sharing my support with Helping reduce class size: Talk to anybody in the bus, in the store, co-works, banks.

Most of all I Endorse I-1351 because our children deserve Respect! Respect! Respect and to grow with more fruit of knowledge. "Knowledge is Power" so let\'s "Vote" YES On Initiative 1351 Nov.4

"Smaller Class Sizes for All"'); return false;">...
443 8.1 years ago CRYSTAL RUEB SEATTLE, WA Smaller class sizes will help general education, special education and English language learners' teachers better support ALL students in the context of the general education setting and curriculum....
442 8.1 years ago KIMBERLY GILLINGHAM BRIER, WA As a teacher, big classes mean less attention for individual students. Our kids deserve the attention they need to be successful.
441 8.1 years ago DANIELLE CONNER BRUSH PRAIRIE, WA Each student will have more time from the teacher and their learning will be improved.
440 8.1 years ago MARILUZ GARZON FERNANDEZ SEATTLE, WA Smaller class size simply means better quality of education for all children.
439 8.1 years ago JANE PEDERSON PUYALLUP, WA Smaller class sizes for Washington's K-12 public school students will bring so many benefits for so many and our children will be the prime beneficiaries. Teachers and specialists will have fewer d...
437 8.1 years ago MARGARET MEHARG LONGVIEW, WA Smaller class size means more individual help for students and thus increased success and achievement.
436 8.1 years ago Shirley Stanton Toledo, WA As the standards for achievement rise, we must lower the class size to meet the needs of all of our children. This will not happen if students are crowded into classrooms. Too many children will fal...
435 8.1 years ago CINDY PUTMAN POULSBO, WA
434 8.1 years ago AMY LOVE MUKILTEO, WA
433 8.1 years ago ELIZABETH MAHONEY LYNNWOOD, WA As a teacher, I will able to reach out to more students and better meet their needs! I will also have enough materials and equipment so that my students do not have to share.
432 8.1 years ago PHOEBE THOMPSON KENT, WA At the very least, teachers will be able to get to every learner with a smaller class size in order to help them and challenge their thinking in order to foster critical thinking skills.
431 8.1 years ago NATALIE MAIURI RICHLAND, WA Our class size in Washington State is ridiculous!! This is the time to bring our overcrowded classrooms to an end!!
430 8.1 years ago RICK HARLAN SEATTLE, WA I am voting YES on I-1351. Our kids have been packed into overcrowded classrooms for too long -- we're 47th out 50 states on class size.

The politicians and political groups who oppose smal...
429 8.1 years ago CATHY VONHAARTMAN SEATTLE, WA As a third grade teacher in Seattle I feel that less students in a class gives all students a better chance to succeed because teachers have more time to work with students one on one and in small g...
428 8.1 years ago Shelly Hurley WA Smaller class size will give students and teachers what they deserve, individualized attention for the students and the ability and time to reach all their students for the teachers
425 8.1 years ago Tami Kuratli Vancouver, WA Smaller class size will give students what they deserve...individualized attention.
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