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Stop Sen. Litzow's anti-teacher campaign

Sen. Mark Mullet and Sen. Steve Litzow, the chairman of the state Senate Education Committee, are sponsoring legislation that mandates the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations.

Sen. Litzow is also pushing another anti-teacher bill that would base teacher layoffs on principal evaluations – and allow principals to essentially fire teachers for any reason at all, with no guarantee of placement at another school.

Just think about what these bills would mean to you and your co-workers. Send Sen. Litzow and your state senator a message NOW and tell them how this legislation would affect you.

Sen. Litzow’s bills are a disrespectful and punitive attack on teachers and the education profession, and none of his proposals does anything to help kids. In fact, Sen. Litzow’s campaign against teachers is a deliberate distraction from what the voters and the Supreme Court have ordered Sen. Litzow and the Legislature to do: Fully fund our public schools.

By promoting an anti-teacher and anti-educator agenda, Sen. Litzow is ignoring the Legislature’s paramount duty to fully fund the education our kids deserve – including professional compensation and smaller K-12 class sizes. Email your senator now, and let him or her know you won’t -- and we are not going to -- stand for it. Tell them to please oppose SB 5748, 5749 and 5744.

Please personalize your message -- tell your own story!