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Don't tie test scores to teacher evaluations! Focus on funding compensation & class size

Instead of fully funding K-12 education as ordered by the Supreme Court, the Washington Senate passed ESSB 5748, which mandates the use of student test scores in teacher evaluations. Now the bill is in the state House, and WEA members are emailing their representatives and urging them to oppose this misguided, politically motivated piece of legislation. Help kill ESSB 5748 -- email your legislators ASAP.

Tell them why this is a bad policy and how it doesn't help kids learn and how it doesn't help teachers teach! 

Tell your legislators that ESSB 5748 is a distraction from what really matters: fully funding our public schools, including competitive professional compensation for educators and smaller K-12 class sizes as required by I-1351. Share your personal perspective as an education professional. Let them know how their decisions in Olympia affect you and your students.