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Advocate for a state budget that funds smaller K-12 class sizes and improves professional compensation

The Washington Legislature is working to write and pass a new two-year state budget. Preliminary budget plans fall far short of funding K-12 public schools as required by the state Supreme Court, the state constitution and Washington voters.

Email your legislators and urge them to pass a final state budget that:

Increases salaries to move toward professional, competitive wages, recognizing that educators have gone six years without a state-funded COLA and have lost 13 percent to inflation, and legislators themselves are likely to receive an 11.2 percent raise

Increases funding for educator health care in line with increased costs, recognizing that the state health care allocation for K-12 educators has not increased since 2011 and that every budget proposal increases funding for state employees' health care.

Funds smaller class sizes in every grade level, with an emphasis on low-income schools, recognizing that voters approved I-1351 and smaller K-12 class sizes are now part of basic education

Raises revenue through a tax on investment profits (capital gains), taxes on polluters and closing tax loopholes, recognizing our current tax system is unfair and fails to provide adequate funding for education and social and health services