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Stop the state health care takeover!

If you’re a K-12 school employee, your health care coverage is under attack in the state Senate!

The Senate just passed a state budget that eliminates the current K-12 health-care system and replaces it with a new state-run plan that will cost more, provide fewer benefits and limit your health-care choices.


Under the Senate takeover plan (SB 5976), there’s no guarantee you’d keep your current doctors and health providers, and you could pay more for less coverage. Their takeover plan also eliminates local control over educator health benefits, which means decisions about your health care will be made in Olympia instead at the school district level.


Incredibly, the Senate budget spends $18 million to create a new state health care bureaucracy -- but not a dime of new funding for your individual health care.


Under the Senate budget, the per-employee allocation for educator health care would remain frozen at $768 a month for another two years, for a total of six years with no increase.


Net result? The rising cost of health care will wipe out the minimal 3 percent COLA the Senate budget provides, and many educators will actually take home less money in their paychecks. Senate budget writer Sen. Andy Hill and education committee leader Sen. Steve Litzow are two of the main proponents of this plan.


Email Hill and Litzow and your legislators, and tell them to protect and fund the current health care system for K-12 employees.