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Fund smaller K-12 sizes, don’t amend I-1351

Instead of funding smaller class sizes for K-12 students in all grades, the Legislature wants to amend I-1351 so it only applies to students in grades K-3.

Earlier this week, the state Senate voted to limit class-size funding to grades K-3 and to put I-1351 back on the ballot next fall. They also voted to eliminate class-size support for students in high-poverty schools – students who especially benefit from additional help. Further, the Senate is denying students the attention they deserve in STEM courses and the support they need from school counselors and support personnel.

The budget proposal approved by the state House also cuts funding for class-size reduction in grades 4-12.

At the same time, a new poll shows that a majority of voters still support smaller classes for students in every grade level instead of just K-3.

More than 1 million Washington residents voted in support of I-1351 six months ago, and now the Legislature wants to dramatically change it? That's just wrong, and our kids deserve better.

Send a message to your Senator and House members to fund -- not amend -- I-1351 and to provide smaller class sizes for kids in all grades and all ZIP codes, as voters approved.