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Support two-year higher ed faculty!

HB 1863 would allow colleges to use local college funds to pay for bargained increments. The bill successfully passed the state House on a bipartisan vote, but in the Senate the bill did not even get a hearing and so died for this session.

However, we still have a chance to assure that our community and technical college faculty will get increment funding above turnover savings this year for the first time in six years. In House Appropriations, Rep. Larry Springer was successful in passing an amendment onto the budget that put our bill into place for the two years of the biennium.  

The House budget now goes into negotiations with the senate. The Senate does not currently have this proviso in its budget and we know that the SBCTC and individual college presidents and trustees are actively lobbying legislators to remove that proviso. 

So it is imperative that you let your legislators know how important and urgent this is to community and technical college faculty. If the budget proviso doesn’t stay in the final budget, we will go into eight years of no increments, and while getting a COLA is a very welcome and long overdue adjustment, college faculty will still be the only group that does not get step movement on their salary schedules. 

Please take a minute to contact your legislators and encourage them to let House budget negotiators know how important this issue is to you.