Reconsider, Bob: Drop your charter school motion & focus on educating ALL children

The Washington Supreme Court was clear: The state's controversial charter school law, which was bankrolled by corporate ed reform billionaires, is unconstitutional. The court threw out the entire law by a 6-3 vote earlier this month. Yet Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson, at the request of private charter school operators, has petitioned the court to reconsider its decision, allowing these private charter schools to continue to receive public taxpayer dollars.

We have a better idea -- let's petition Attorney General Ferguson and urge him to drop his ill-conceived request for reconsideration. Instead, as the state's top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Ferguson should focus on getting the state to comply with another Washington Supreme Court case -- the McCleary school funding decision.

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1199 4.4 years ago Kileigh Andrus Seattle, WA
1198 4.4 years ago Kileigh Andrus Seattle, WA
1197 6.7 years ago GAIL RICHARDS SEATTLE, WA Let's fix the McCleary issue and forget about Charter Schools! We should be focusing our time and money on what will benefit the most children in our state. It is about time Washington fully funds...
1196 6.9 years ago Gary Goldwater Seattle, WA As an elected representative, you would understand the importance of elected oversight of charter schools.

Please do not petition the Supreme Court over this matter. Their ruling was in al...
1195 6.9 years ago Gary Goldwater Seattle, WA As an elected representative, you would understand the importance of elected oversight of charter schools.

Please do not petition the Supreme Court over this matter. Their ruling was in al...
1194 6.9 years ago Sue McCabe Normandy Park, WA Charter schools are not common schools.
Fully fund public schools before charter schools. Please reconsider.
1193 6.9 years ago Paul Pickette Wishram, WA Mr. Attorney General,
Do your job and support the state Supreme Court.
Paul Pickette
1192 7.1 years ago JAMES HERK SEATTLE, WA
1191 7.1 years ago Jill McGrath SEATTLE, WA As a public school teacher, I agree with the State Supreme Court's decision. I am surprised that our Attorney General would cave so quickly to pressure from groups favoring charter schools. We are ...
1190 7.1 years ago Robert Lyle Federal Way, WA Either give all public schools the rights of Charters, or make Charter subscribers pay to use them. Do not use Public money for Private institutions!
1189 7.1 years ago Karen Ross Lake Stevens, WA We need to fund the schools that are already struggling, instead of diverting funds to new unproven charter school. With smaller class sizes and more funding to an underfunded system, I believe all...
1188 7.1 years ago Ulysses Hillard WA
1187 7.1 years ago ROBERT BROWN TACOMA, WA Mr. Ferguson, Please use discretion about your decision to attack the Supreme Court. In my opinion, their decision was wise. It is impossible for charter schools to be run by elected boards becaus...
1186 7.1 years ago DONNA SHALER SAMMAMISH, WA Don't waste taxpayer money. Just stop Bob.
1185 7.1 years ago Alexandr Normuradov Seattle, WA No free cheese this time.
1183 7.2 years ago RENE CORBIN PORTLAND, OR Enough is enough. Uphold the WA state constitution and stop allowing politicians to make excuses.
1182 7.2 years ago Sandra Smith Seattle, WA We voted charters down several times--we don't want or need them in Seattle. The district provides many choice schools. If the billionaires who bought that election (Gates et al) want to pla...
1181 7.2 years ago Steve Nesich Seattle, WA Dear Mr. Ferguson:

When was the last time our state's Attorney General directly challenged a ruling by our Supreme Court?

Is this something you've done before, or do on a regular
On what basis does this case merit a "second chance"? What is your argument for advancing the interests of charter advocates and making a special plea on their behalf as opposed to the other parties that come before our highest court?

Can you explain why you\'re taking time and money to do this, in the name of our state\'s citizens, for a poorly constructed ballot initiative that was essentially purchased by a handful of billionaires---some of whom don\'t even reside in our state?

The wealthy backers of I-1240 outspent their opponents 17 to 1. And even after this egregious attempt to purchase this awful law, the best they could do was essentially a statewide tie. It was shameful that this ever occurred.

And now, you\'re considering this a priority of your office? I\'m deeply disappointed and very angry at the absolute waste of time and tax dollars this bizarre action is causing.

Please reconsider this terrible action on the part of your office. It is a bad judgment on your part and I urge you to correct it as soon as possible.

Drop the plea for a "Do Over." Please.

Steve Nesich'); return false;">...
1180 7.2 years ago Brenna Westervelt WA
1179 7.2 years ago Susan James WA
1178 7.2 years ago Robert Cruickshank Seattle, WA
1177 7.2 years ago Bryan Pfeifer Roanoke, VA Stop charter schools NOW! Fully fund public education!
1176 7.2 years ago Rebecca Biddick Lake forest park, WA Charter schools are not common schools.
Let's make sure this never happens here.
1175 7.2 years ago ROD MARGASON SEATTLE, WA Please focus your attention on the issues that affect ALL the childeren in our state--full funding for basic education. Charter Schools only serve to divert the funding our public schools need.
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