Revenue for roads, but not kids?

Legislators can still fund I-1351: email them!

Earlier this week, legislators voted to raise taxes by nearly $12 billion to pay for roads --  right after they passed an operating budget that cuts $2 billion in funding for smaller class sizes required by I-1351.

It’s not a done deal though – legislative efforts to overturn or delay I-1351 have failed so far, and the Legislature remains in special session.

That means we have a great opportunity in the next three days: Email your lawmakers and urge them to increase revenue AND fund the smaller K-12 class sizes required by I-1351.

If legislators were willing to raise taxes by nearly $12 billion to pay for asphalt and roads, surely they can find the revenue needed to fully fund the smaller class sizes our kids deserve. And until they overturn or delay I-1351, it’s still the law – and part of their obligation to fully fund basic education as required by the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision.

A tax on carbon pollution and on investment profits (capital gains) are two viable sources of new revenue to pay for education. A fairer business and occupation tax is another option.

Email your legislators ASAP: