Tell your senator to focus on fully funding education, period!

Tell your senator to focus on fully funding education, period!

The Senate Ways and Means Committee passed an amendment on a party line vote to its so-called McCleary "solution" (2SSB 6195) that would restrict your ability to negotiate TRI pay, effective July 1. This bill also delays full implementation of McCleary, dragging out the timeline for providing educator raises and fully funding basic education.

 Specifically, the proposal would limit the type of work you could bargain for, outside the regular work day and basic education. Here are just a few examples of what this means:

  • TRI pay is eliminated; all supplemental pay must be time-based.
  • Additional pay for classroom overloads would not be allowed -- which means no relief for those having some of the highest class sizes in the country.
  • Kindergartner teachers wouldn't get paid for extra work associated with WA KIDS.
  • Teachers could no longer be compensated for the many extra hours they put in to keep our schools running -- grading papers, prepping assignments, drafting lesson plans and communicating with parents are a few examples.

The state Legislature has continued dragging its feet on educator pay for too long. We face an educator shortage. Local districts need to retain the ability to pay enough in order to attract and keep quality educators and to address local needs.

Let your elected officials know that taking away your right to bargain will not attract and retain educators in this state.

Send a message. We have provided a sample, but encourage you to use your own words.