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Defeat SB 5242 -- and increase K-12 school funding

Tell the Legislature to increase school funding, restore COLAs and reduce class sizes

Senate Bill 5242 is a deceitful attack on teachers and basic fairness, and it puts every teacher at risk of losing his or her job. And it ignores what really matters: Increasing school funding, restoring educator COLAs and reducing overcrowded class sizes.

WEA President Mary Lindquist calls Senate Bill 5242 "one of the worst bills we've ever seen. It's a bad bill, and no amount of compromise will make it better. It guts due process and puts every single teacher’s career in jeopardy.

"A principal can transfer you out of your position for any reason -- the art you hang in your room, the books you assign to your kids, or the questions you ask at a staff meeting -- and they don’t have to explain their decision. You lose your job if no other principal finds a place for you.

Maybe other principals hear something whispered about you, or maybe they don’t have a vacancy in their buildings. You have no recourse. You lose your contract. Anyone who asks for a transfer for any reason is also at risk."

Instead of this misguided bill, the Legislature must focus on complying with the Supreme Court's McCleary decision: increasing K-12 school funding, restoring school employees’ COLAs and reducing overcrowded class sizes.

Educators across the state need to email members of the House Education Committee, their own representatives and Gov. Jay Inslee to explain why SB 5242 is bad education policy and an attack on teachers. This sort of bad legislation distracts the Legislature from its paramount duty: Fully funding public education so all children receive a quality education, no matter where they live and regardless of their background.