Help defeat the bad Senate bills!

Both the House and the Senate budget proposals fail to fund voter-approved COLAs. Legislators need to know failing to fund educators’ COLAs for six years straight is both unacceptable and unfair. It is even more unreasonable – and unrealistic -- to force educators to accept additional financial sacrifice in addition to the loss of health care coverage, job security, bargaining rights and due process. Yet that’s exactly what the Senate Majority Caucus Coalition proposes:

·         SB 5905 harms all part-time school employees by eliminating their current health care benefits while exempting legislators.

·         SB 5242 is an attack on the teaching profession, due process, collective bargaining and local control. Gov. Jay Inslee has said he opposes the bill.

·         SB 5851 creates a risky defined-contribution only retirement plan for public employees.

·         SB 5898 reduces local school district levy and levy equalization funding before the state meets its full obligation to fund basic education.

·         SB 5901 freezes locally negotiated teacher pay and is an attack on collective bargaining.