Take action to support higher ed salary increments 

Here’s where the community and technical college faculty sit as of the start of the second special session on June 12:

  • No COLA
  • No increment funding from the state
  • No ability to use local funds for increments
  • Other employees in the state with no COLA are getting step increases
  • Other state employees are getting percentage increases AND step increases.
  • Only our hardworking community and technical college faculty get  NO COLA and NO increments (steps)
This has been going on four years -- and it will be six years unless the Legislature does something.
Since HB 1348 died as a policy bill that would authorize college boards to use local funds to pay for locally bargained increments, WEA and AFT have been working in earnest to get a budget proviso that would allow colleges to at least use local funds for salary increments for the two-year budget cycle.
Even that modest proposal has been rejected!  What gives??
The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and the Trustees Association did not support HB 1348 and have continued to oppose any temporary fixes in the budget as well. Their opposition, along with the opposition of several individual college presidents, has hurt our efforts as well.
Email your legislators today and ask them to tell budget writers Ross Hunter and Pat Sullivan to support a budget proviso allowing community and technical colleges to use local funds to fund locally bargained step increases for faculty members. Your message also will go to Marty Brown, executive director of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.