Tell the BTC Board of Trustees: Fair Contract Now!

Tell the Bellingham Technical College Board of Trustees that faculty and support staff deserve a fair contract now! Jim Groves, James Cunningham, Debbie Ahl and Lisa Woo have the resources and responsiblity to offer a fair contract that provides modest pay raises and reasonable workloads. Send them an email now! Major issues include:

PAY: We’re seeking an across-the-board salary increase for all faculty and support staff, plus stipend increases. The administration has offered inadequate compensation increases. We haven’t received a COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) or across-the-board raise in five years. Salaries for top administration positions have increased dramatically in that time.

WORKLOAD: Faculty workload and class sizes have increased in recent years. We’re seeking workload relief so we can still provide the quality education our students deserve. The administration refuses to reduce workload in any meaningful way.

Surveillance:  We want faculty and staff to be respected, trusted and treated as professionals by the administration. We oppose the administration’s demand to spy on BTC employees.