Tell Supt. Randy Dorn to protect our privacy!

KUOW in Seattle recently ran a story revealing that Supt. of Public Instruction Randy Dorn's office is entering into an agreement to share student and staff information with The Seattle Times. Though OSPI says that what it will share will be limited and protects student privacy, the agreement itself is very permissive. A copy of the agreement is in the KUOW story. FERPA, or the Federal Education Records Protection Act, protects student information, it does not provide the same protections for staff.

It is possible that the Times could use this information in the same way that the New York Times and LA Times have to rank teachers according to student test scores. We know that those stories have had devastating effects on teachers. 

Please contact Supt. Dorn to demand that he protect school staff information that could compromise your personal privacy or make connections between student test scores and teacher performance.

The new teacher-principal evaluation program was developed to ensure that evaluations would reflect a wide range of measures. We believe that teaching effectiveness can't be narrowed down to the results of standardized tests. If if the use of student test scores is mandated (which they are currently not) that is a personnel record that shouldn't be disclosed to the media.

Please email Supt. Dorn and tell to prevent the release of this information to The Seattle Times.

Please personalize the sample email provided below. OSPI Communications Director Nathan Olson also will receive a copy of your email.