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Restore the educator COLA!

Now is the time for the Legislature to restore the voter-approved cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for educators! 

Thankfully, 54 members of the Washington House of Representatives have signed the COLA bill as sponsors, 22 senators have signed the Senate version and Gov. Jay Inslee expressed strong support for restoring the voter-approved COLA for educators in his state of the state address. We have momentum, but we need your help keep it going.

Enter your ZIP Code below and email your lawmakers.

Let's send the Legislature a message! We need the COLA restoration bill to pass the House quickly so it can move to the Senate for approval and then to Gov. Inslee for his signatgure.

Email your lawmakers and thank them if they sponsored the COLA, or urge them to support it if they didn't sponsor it. Enter your ZIP Code below.

If the Legislature doesn't restore the COLA for 2014-15, educators will go six straight years without a COLA, and that's just not fair!



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