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Petition to Sec. Duncan, Supt. Dorn & Sen. Litzow:

We oppose mandating state test scores in teacher evaluations!

Politicians in Olympia and Washington, DC are attempting to mandate the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations in Washington, even though there is no research showing it will help students. We believe this top-down overemphasis on test scores is not in the best interest of students or teachers.

Please add your name to our petition!

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6718 4.2 years ago DEBBIE LATTA COLBERT, WA
6717 4.8 years ago CHRIS HULTENG MUKILTEO, WA There are so many factors that go into a student's performance on a test. It is very difficult to either blame a teacher when a student performs poorly or give them credit when they succeed.
6716 7.6 years ago CHRISTINE HILLESTAD CARNATION, WA Just finished the ELA testing with my 3rd graders - typing a multi-paragraph essay with confusing directions and double scroll bars on one screen is not realistic. I'm not willing to put my evaluat...
6715 7.6 years ago PENNY PFIESTER LAKE STEVENS, WA Teachers have absolutely NO choice or control over the raw product that is assigned to them! Test scores alone do not tell the whole story of the child or their learning process! Numerous research...
6714 7.6 years ago Dale Higham WA
6713 7.6 years ago ETTA BROWN KENT, WA we cannot be the scapegoat for poverty.
6712 7.6 years ago CONNIE AITKEN BELLEVUE, WA
6711 7.6 years ago STEPHANE ELIASON RENTON, WA
6710 7.6 years ago LISA MERLIN SEATTLE, WA There is so much more to a good teacher than producing high test scores. Give my kids a teacher who teaches them compassion and a love for learning over high test scores any day.
6709 7.6 years ago CASEY CHALUPA CORONA, CA
6708 7.6 years ago Taya Allen Spokane, WA
6707 7.6 years ago Chelsea Reyes WA
6706 7.6 years ago Rebecca Urquhart Auburn, WA
6705 7.6 years ago MIRIAM HOGLEY SEATTLE, WA Because doing so will push our best teachers out of our neediest schools.
6704 7.6 years ago mary field WA
6703 7.6 years ago Adam Armstrong Seattle, WA
6702 7.6 years ago ANNIE GRANT TUKWILA, WA I do not believe that state test scores should be mandated in WA Teacher Evaluations because teachers who teach in high-poverty schools should not be labeled as failing teachers because of the facto...
6701 7.6 years ago AMY PETERSON SEATTLE, WA
6700 7.6 years ago HEATHER COOK SEATTLE, WA I do not understand how a teacher can be evaluated on students that don't come to school, are late everyday, and don't have a home life that supports learning. Test scores associated with teacher ev...
6699 7.6 years ago SAVANNAH MENARD GRAHAM, WA
6698 7.7 years ago Jennifer Ozbun Marysville, WA I teach Computer Science courses. How does tying my evaluation to how a student scores on an English or Math exam correlate to my effectiveness?
6697 7.7 years ago Kelsey Chappelle Vancouver, WA
6696 7.7 years ago Susan Sigmar Sammamish, WA It's not good for the students, ultimately.
6695 8.6 years ago Laura Stebbins Shoreline, WA Test scores can vary because of many factors out of a teacher's control. To base salaries on test scores is grossly unfair.
6694 8.6 years ago Jen and Cedar Finkle-Weaver WA
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