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Take action to defeat HB 2800 & SB 5880

We oppose mandating state test scores in teacher evaluations!

Email your legislators and tell them in clear terms why you oppose the mandated use of state test scores in teacher evaluations. Below is a sample email message, but we encourage you to personalize it to make it more effective. Tell your story. Scroll to the bottom of this page for talking points.

WEA members remain staunchly opposed to mandating that state test scores MUST be used in teacher evaluations:

  • There is no research indicating that mandating the use of state test scores improves student learning or strengthens teaching
  • A single test given in the spring does not measure student growth
  • Mandating the use of state test scores reduces local school district flexibility to meet unique student needs
  • Washington is adopting new state assessments aligned with Common Core Standards, which will take years to implement successfully
  • Only a fraction of teachers teach one of the subjects or grades currently covered by state tests
  • The inappropriate overemphasis on high-stakes testing harms students by narrowing the curriculum, reducing classroom learning time and reducing the overall reliability of the testing system itself
  • Tests must be proven to be valid and reliable in measuring what students have learned before they are used in teacher evaluations

Want more information? See this OurVoice blog post with WEA's teacher evaluation principles.


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