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Too much testing steals time from student learning. That's the message we want to send to state officials. Please add your name to the Student Testing Bill of Rights, which we'll deliver to the State Board of Education and elected leaders in Olympia. 2016 is a great opportunity to finally de-link standardized testing from high school graduation requirements. Add your name now!

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Number Date Name Location Why do you support the ...
2174 4.4 years ago REBECCA CAMP LYNNWOOD, WA Every time we test, we are not teaching. We pretest, posttest, midyear test, teach to the test, etc. The constant assessments take way too much time from learning and have narrowed the focus of what...
2173 4.4 years ago KELLY SWAN LYNNWOOD, WA My students lose too much time to testing and test prep, especially ELL students who have to take 2 lengthy state tests during the year. Those are the kids who need the most learning time!
2172 4.4 years ago MAREA PREUS EVERETT, WA
2171 4.4 years ago Mary Binkley Mukilteo, WA All the testing that is going on takes away valuable time that could be spent on learning!
2170 4.4 years ago KAYE LYSEN MILL CREEK, WA
2169 4.4 years ago PATSY KNUDTSON LAKE STEVENS, WA Too much testing takes time away from teaching and learning.
2168 4.4 years ago MARILYN DONOHEW BOTHELL, WA Too much testing in the elementary grades takes away time from much needed curriculum and time to "learn HOW to learn".
2167 4.4 years ago Maggie Rider WA
2166 4.4 years ago LaRae Marks Everett, WA
2165 4.4 years ago Jane Johnson Everett, WA I have been teaching high school math for 36 years and the number and change in tests makes it very hard to get a handle on what should be taught and how. I really like the idea of having the SAT be...
2164 4.4 years ago Amanda Villiott Everett, WA All students deserve a fully funded, quality education which primarily focuses on teaching and learning rather than excessive testing, practice testing, interim testing, and summative testing.
2163 4.4 years ago Rebecca Vigil Lynnwood, WA I have been teaching since 1996 and have observed that over time testing (testing that is now run by a private for-profit company) is increasingly driving our education system--not teaching,...
2162 4.4 years ago ALYSIA WHITE LAKE STEVENS, WA I want to LOVE to teach again. I am tired of teaching to a test!!!
2161 4.4 years ago Megan Breer Everett, WA testing is taking away time I could use to reteach and work with students in small groups. it is too much pressure to put on students. testing takes out the joy of learning.
2160 4.4 years ago Sheila Dorst Everett, WA I support the state standards, and curriculum focused on these standards is highly effective. However, it has come to the point where teachers feel compelled to "teach to the test" almost exclusive...
2159 4.4 years ago Byron T. Lewellen Everett WA, WA Testing is slowly killing teachers' inspiration, passion, and desire to stay in the profession. Imagine what it's doing to the students?
2158 4.4 years ago WENDY ORGAN WOODINVILLE, WA
2157 4.4 years ago SARAH KOPF SEATTLE, WA Each test score reflects only one moment in time. Ongoing school performance should be the determining factor of graduation, not a single test score.
2156 4.4 years ago CODY DECKER LAKE STEVENS, WA I refuse to allow my own children to test as it's too stressful. Our children need to enjoy their time as children, not stressed about testing. Every child grows in their own time.
2155 4.4 years ago MARY ANDERSON MONROE, WA I teach special education and I am tasked with giving my students the WA-AIM, after the initial pre-test I need to spend six weeks teaching the students the information they need to know to pass a "...
2154 4.4 years ago LINDA ANDERSON
2153 4.4 years ago MEGHAN MAVES-WATSON EVERETT, WA It steals classroom time from students and especially with new standards coming down is difficult to implement.
2152 4.4 years ago DIANE WESTFAHL KIRKLAND, WA As a teacher, I see the negative consequences of excessive testing, from time away from instruction, stress on the part of both students and teachers, exhaustion in students.
2151 4.4 years ago Lesley Moffat WA We have been forced to teach to tests instead of teaching students how to learn. This is a terrible disservice to this generation of kids.

Test scores reflect how well student can memorize ...
2150 4.4 years ago PAUL NORTHROP EVERETT, WA High stakes testing does little to change day to day instruction. There are much more effective means of assessment being used in classrooms every day that allow educators to make daily, weekly, and...
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