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Petition to Sec. Duncan, Supt. Dorn & Sen. Litzow:

We oppose mandating state test scores in teacher evaluations!

Politicians in Olympia and Washington, DC are attempting to mandate the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations in Washington, even though there is no research showing it will help students. We believe this top-down overemphasis on test scores is not in the best interest of students or teachers.

Please add your name to our petition!

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Number Date Name Location Optional: Why do you believe ...
6693 8.2 years ago ANDREA OSORIO Toppenish, WA
6692 8.2 years ago Nancy Hall Mill Creek, WA
6691 8.3 years ago Lynnell Young Tacoma , WA It is NOT a fair assessment when a child refuses to write or do any work and teachers receive a zero because the child refuses to write. It is unfair to teachers as it is not a reflection of the tea...
6690 8.3 years ago DAN KEXEL MILTON, WA State test scores don't measure what I do. I am a music teacher! Am I going to get evaluated by my students math scores? How in the world does that measure MY effectiveness?
6689 8.3 years ago TERRY DERRIG PUYALLUP, WA I teach many students that have barriers (generally non-IEP related) and every year they struggle to increase their learning. Every small milestone is an accomplishment. By having their te...
6688 8.3 years ago KEVIN COPE SPOKANE, WA There is no proof that standardized tests are an accurate measurement of what students know
6686 8.3 years ago KRIS CAMERON WENATCHEE, WA
6685 8.3 years ago Amanda Goodman Puyallup, WA There is so much more to being a good teacher than test scores. If we put even more emphasis on the test, teachers will be more focused on the test than they already are. The state test has already ...
6684 8.3 years ago SUSAN DAVIS BELLINGHAM, WA
6683 8.3 years ago DINA SLATER PUYALLUP, WA There are many reasons state evaluation scores should not be attached to teacher evaluations. The following are a few very important ones: parents aren't mandated to bring there children to school, ...
6682 8.3 years ago JOSEPH BRUSBERG HERMISTON, OR For way too many years school reform has been locked into a latest practices, quick fix legislated and top down approach. Real school reform could be accomplished by empowering teachers on a large s...
6681 8.3 years ago Lisa Flowers Bellevue, WA Evaluate the teachers, not the students. It is not always the teachers fault when a child does not do well.
6680 8.3 years ago MARA BISCHOFF SPOKANE, WA
6679 8.3 years ago BRITTNEY CRANDALL MOUNT VERNON, WA Test scores are a snapshot of a student's ability. Students do not all test the same way. Tests do not take into account all aspects of a students ability to grow during a pre-determined amount of t...
6676 8.3 years ago LEAH TITZE SILVERDALE, WA I am a Special Education educator, serving students with mild to severe disabilities. Basing my evaluation on state scores is a not a fair way to test my performance as a teacher in the classroom. ...
6675 8.3 years ago ANGELA LA BARGE BONNEY LAKE, WA There are so many factors that need to be considered when looking at student test scores which typically influences student performance (different language abilities, special education students,...
6674 8.3 years ago ROBYNNE THOMPSON SEATTLE, WA I actually sit on the fence about this once in while because I work hard with my students, and some teachers don't. However, they do get paid the same. There have always been a few teachers on my ...
6673 8.3 years ago JANE JOHNSON OAK HARBOR, WA
6672 8.3 years ago JANE JOHNSON OAK HARBOR, WA Students are not drones. They each come to us with their own strengths and weaknesses from different circumstances. You two, off all people should know this. If not, you should get another job. Mayb...
6671 8.3 years ago Tamara Martinello WA
6670 8.3 years ago Catherine Popp Milton, WA
6669 8.3 years ago KENDRA DANIELSON LAKEWOOD, WA The plan lacks foresight and substance. The majority of certificated teachers do not teach in the areas that are assessed with the financial support to even make the data relevant.
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