Protect educators' privacy: Urge legislators to pass HB 1888! 

In a blow to the privacy rights of public employees, the Washington Supreme Court recently ruled that current law allows anti-union, anti-public education political groups like the Freedom Foundation to request and receive the birthdates of public employees – including school and college employees.

In fact, the foundation just requested that information from the state Department of Retirement Systems and has requested it directly from school districts and colleges where WEA members work.

The foundation has a long history of harassing WEA members by sending them spam emails, junk mail and other unsolicited communications. We know the FF even pays its political operatives to confront WEA members at home on their doorsteps. The foundation’s stated goal is to weaken our ability to advocate for our students and quality public education, including our ability to stand together and to bargain fair contracts.

By misusing our birthdates and other personal information, groups like the Freedom Foundation are sure to ramp up their harassment of public employees. 

This is why we need the upcoming Legislature to pass House Bill 1888, which would close this loophole in the state Public Records Act. HB 1888 would prevent school districts and colleges from releasing educators’ birthdates to groups like the Freedom Foundation.

The Legislature starts Jan. 13, so right now is a perfect time to email your legislators and urge them to protect our personal information. Please email them with the message below -- you can use the provided text or write your own. Either way, please let your legislators and Gov. Inslee know you value your privacy and safety, and urge them to pass HB 1888.