Help close the homework gap!

Help close the homework gap!

Educators spoke out last month to close the homework gap and helped get our broadband bill passed by our state House of Representatives.  Now we need to raise our voices to get it passed by the Senate.

It is essential that all of our families, whether urban or rural and regardless of income, can access broadband.  Inequities in internet access at home is creating a homework gap. Home access to a device and internet access is critical to student success.

An analysis by Public Policy Associates, Inc. for the NEA showed that almost one in five children ages 5-17 in Washington state lack access to broadband internet and a device.  The study showed that compared to white children, about three times as many Latinx,  Black, and Indigenous children lack access.  One in four children in non-metro households lack access and 12% of educators lack broadband access at home.

ESHB 1336 would give public utility districts (PUDs), port districts, cities, towns, and counties the authority to provide broadband directly to families. 

The bill is currently in the Senate waiting to be scheduled for a floor vote.  Join us in calling on our state senators to bring the bill to the floor and approve it.

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