Eliminate the edTPA

Eliminate the edTPA

Our students need more educators in the classroom who look like them.  But we have so many hurdles and expenses involved in becoming a teacher that future educators of color are deterred from the profession.  That’s why we’ve worked to eliminate the edTPA. 

The edTPA, currently required to earn a resident teaching certificate, costs hundreds of dollars and requires student teachers to submit video clips of them leading classrooms, submit a portfolio including essays and lesson plans, and pass a written exam.  Educators have already completed student teaching and been assessed by their teaching mentor and their higher education preparation program.

2SHB 1028 to eliminate the edTPA has passed the House and is currently in Senate Rules.  It can be pulled to the Senate floor for debate and final passage at any time.  WEA members from across the state spoke in favor of the bill, sharing their frustration with the unnecessary and expensive exam and calling for the bill’s passage.  Now, we need Senators to vote yes on HB 1028 with no amendments.


Share your story about why you want to eliminate the edTPA and join educators from across the state in calling for the Senate to pass 2SHB 1028.

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