Invest in a strong future for Clark College

Invest in a strong future for Clark College

It takes more, not less, to educate and support our students during the pandemic.  Our state and federal government recognized this by sending $35 million in COVID relief funds to Clark College. So why is Clark College insisting on making 5% cuts at this time?

These cuts are part of an ongoing pattern that is undermining our ability to provide great education at Clark.  The College has cut more than 60 positions in the last two years alone. We've also lost more than 50 part-time faculty, just this year. These cuts have led to decreased services for our students and increased workload for the remaining faculty and staff.  

The College has a golden opportunity. We’re getting that $35 million to stay strong, take a breath and prepare to be successful. Let’s not throw away our shot.

Join us in calling on Clark’s president and trustees to say no to cuts, and yes to planning for future enrollment!  Add your experience to the letter below.

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