Fair Contract Now for Eatonville Teachers

Fair Contract Now for Eatonville Teachers

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Superintendent Neal and the Eatonville School District Board, you can CHOOSE to do the right thing today and settle a contract that focuses resources on students, classrooms and staff.

The district has ample resources to address the critical issues facing Eatonville schools!

Why is the Eatonville School District refusing to use surplus funds to meet student needs?

The Eatonville School District ranks 285 out of 295 districts. That means only 10 districts in the state hold larger class sizes! Unacceptable! What are we waiting for?

Students are the heart of the Eatonville community and why we chose to go into teaching. However, without sufficient resources, time, and staffing we can’t do the best for our students. We need the district to continue to commit to enough nurses to cover all our schools. Counselors need enough time to meet with students one on one. Special education staff need to provide hands on support for our special needs students. Eatonville students also deserve smaller class sizes and the support they need to thrive.

As districts across the state reach settlements with their employees, the Eatonville School District decline offers to speak about issues educators would like to see addressed, such as class size, staffing and workload.

Choosing conflict with teachers rather than dialogue that would promptly get students back to school is a bad choice!

Eatonville teachers are committed to reaching a tentative agreement that acknowledges the support our students need – and acknowledges the important work teachers do each day for the members of our community.

Eatonville School District revenue has outpaced spending, as a result, the district’s fund balance has increased and reached a five-year high, with 18% surplus!

Eatonville teachers love our community and the people who live, work and play here. Our teachers dedicate their careers and lives to Eatonville families. We are a true community. It’s time the Eatonville School District acknowledge our dedication to our community members.

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