Email the Wenatchee Valley College Board of Trustees: Replace President Richardson

The tenured faculty of Wenatchee Valley College have overwhelmingly voted NO Confidence in longtime college President Jim Richardson, and we demand that the WVC Board of Trustees replace him with new leadership.

  • President Richardson’s fiscal mismanagement resulting in two financial crises in the last three years.
  • The effects of the current catastrophic crisis, which has resulted in layoffs and furlough days for classified and exempt employees with the possibility of more in the future affecting all college employees.
  • Numerous capital projects leading to mounting debt.President Richardson’s divisive manner on campus in handling the crisis since it was made public
  • The president’s lack of leadership by his complete evasion of any responsibility for the crisis while misrepresenting to college employees and the media about what has caused the current financial crisis.
  • The president’s salary and the college’s student FTEs in comparison to other presidents and community colleges.
  • The most significant reason why faculty are demanding President Richardson’s immediate removal is the negative effect his mismanagement has had on students.
  • The current financial crisis has resulted in a reduction in essential support services on both the Omak and Wenatchee campuses. Students have every right to expect all of the services they are paying for.

Please email the Board of Trustees and explain to them why our college and our students need and deserve new leadership.