Support the Plan 1 COLA Bills

Pensions are not a social service program; they are deferred compensation from a lifetime of service to our students and the citizens of our state. A COLA is just that, an increase to keep up with the rising cost of living. Without a reliable COLA over the last decade, Plan 1 retirees have continued to lose pace to rising costs -- with those who have been retired longest having lost 30 percent or more of their purchasing power since retirement in the 1980s.

Plan 1 retirees have received only one increase of 1.5 percent since 2010. It is time to support the educators who taught Washington's students, the bus drivers who drove them safely to school, and other Plan 1 public servants who dutifully served our students and our state. Please pass HB 1390 and SB 5400  from the floor with a 3 percent increase in July 2020.

Email your legislators and urge them to support a Plan 1 COLA. House Bill 1390 and Senate Bill 5400 have moved from Rules to the Floor and we need legislators to vote and get these bills off of the floor. Please contact your House and Senate members today and ask them to pass the Plan 1 COLA. Please let your legislators know you want them to take a vote and support these bills so that Plan 1 retirees' pensions can keep pace to inflation.