Support Our SEA Substitutes

Support Our SEA Substitutes

Many SEA substitutes could lose their health insurance -- through no fault of their own -- in the midst of this global health pandemic.

Let your legislators, Gov. Inslee, and the SEBB Board know we need to keep our community together in this time of crisis. It’s in everyone’s best interest for the SEBB Board to change their policy so that our SEA substitutes, and substitutes across the state, can access SEBB health insurance.
Because of the early school closures this year, most substitutes did not get the opportunity to accumulate the 630 hours to demonstrate their commitment to working at least half-time, and therefore may not qualify for the employer-paid health insurance.

Substitutes are critical staff, schools depend on substitutes, and now more than ever substitutes need and deserve to have health coverage.

Please take a moment to email Gov. Inslee, your legislators, and the SEBB Board. Please make the letter your own.

Below are some suggested messages:
•    Identify yourself as an SPS educator.
•    We want to keep our community together.
•    At a time when we are all making sacrifices, health insurance for substitutes should not be one of them.
•    Substitutes are a vital part of the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) community.
•    We are all in this together. Let’s take care of each other during this crisis.
•    Please support all educators during this moment of need.