Mercer Island bus drivers and staff at risk!

Mercer Island bus drivers and staff at risk!

Last week, Gov. Inslee took action to make sure no student will go hungry and no student will go without the materials they need. He issued a proclamation allowing meals, instructional packets and internet connections to be delivered to students' homes.

Families are stretched thin keeping up with virtual school schedules, working from home, getting to their own jobs, providing academic and emotional support to their students, and more.

Our school bus drivers and transportation staff stand ready to fulfill the Governor's goal, help keep operations running smoothly and give our students the support and services they need!

So why does the Mercer Island School District not want to follow the Governor's call to action? Why does MISD require families to drive to two drop sites rather than engage in creative proposals that let our drivers bring support to Mercer Island families and students? Why does the District prefer to bankroll more money from the state rather than pay the staff who can support our students?

Our district needs to follow the Governor's lead and get our busses rolling to support our students. Our District needs to be part of creative solutions to support the drivers who support our students rather than look for creative ways to reduce employees' hours.

As our district's leaders, you are responsible for supporting our students and families and for bankrolling more money in unspent "rainy day" funds intended for our students and schools. This IS the rainy day we've been saving for -- and it's time now where our students get the supports they need.